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    Training for polyhouse agricuture

    Precision Farming Development Centre, KCAET, Tavanur ,0494 2687981
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    i am planning start a poly house in kozhikode district in kerala, please help me to k

    please contact - Precision Farming Development Centre, KCAET, Tavanur, 0494 2687981
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    organic Terrace vegetable garden kit

    Organic Vegetable Garden Kit Importance of Kitchen Garden Vegetables occupy an important place in our daily life particularly for vegetarians. Vegetables are the only source to increase not only the nutritive values of foods but also its palatability. For a balanced diet, an adult...
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    Fresh vegetables

    fresh organic vegetables Dear Amal , Please give your contact details, we can give you green house capsicum ,cucumber , tomato , Chinese cabbage etc.regards, hareesh
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    Set up a agri business of growing & processing exotic vegetables in UP near NCR

    coco peat Dear Sir, we can supply you cocopeat blocks , open top & grow bag system for hydroponics. regards, hareesh
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    Coir pith blocks -wanted

    coir pith Dear Sir, Please contact
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    Agro-based business oppertunity in Doha,Qatar

    coco peat Dear sirs, We are happy to introduce ourselves to you. Walgreens Coir Inc is formed by the professionals in the coir industry with the manufacturing set ups for the production of quality coir products from Pollachi - Tamil Nadu (Southern part of India). We provide high...
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    Required coir pith

    Hai please call me
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    Required coir pith

    cocopeat can you please contact me , i am having a cocopeat heap with very low EC cocopeat in pollachi. please give your contact details also. with best regards Hareesh
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    Required coir pith

    Hareesh M WALGREENS COIR Inc. please contact
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    Hareesh please contact
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    want of tropical red anthorium plants

    anthorium plants can you please send your contact details ,Hareesh
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    Coco Peat Bags

    Dear Sir,please send your requirements to Hareesh WALGREENS COIR Inc. #127,Subbian Nagar Pollachi-642002 Coimbatore District Tamilnadu(India) Telefax:+91-4259-235173 Call -91 -99950 91807 Skype-hareeshm.nair; Walgreens Coir...
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    Want to buy complete hydroponics bed

    cocopeat Dear Sir,please send your requirements to Hareesh Premium Quality with Good Price[/url]