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    Wanted Looking for Agri Land Karnataka,Andhra,Telangana 5000 - 10000 Acres

    5000 to 10000 is it typo error or Corporate ?
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    Question Need guidance for organic farming

    DM or send contact details most of the info is in youtube
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    For Sale Natural - Organic curry leaf saplings available

    DM your contact details
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    Question Need guidance for organic farming

    lots of free material is avaiable on google and youtube, give a try, send DM if needed extra
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    Land Required 1-2 Acres Farm Land for integrated farming (Vizag 40km radius)

    Its 2023, where u able to find any around vizag let me know too.
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    Land Required Agriculture Land for Sale Ramabhadrapuram, VZM dist AP

    Hi iam individual wanted to buy Agriculture land to grow Vegetables if anyone has or wanted to sell Agriculture land suitable for vegetable growing in Ramabhdrapuram mandal, VZM district, Andhra pradesh contact me
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    Land Required Agriculture Land any where in Telangana state

    Hi iam looking for Agriculture land any where in Telangana state, suitable or Cotton farming whats will be the typical price range/acres and if you got any let me know this is not for commercial purpose. so less 3L/acre only respond
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    For Sale Palma rosa oil in Hyderabad

    Hi any buyers for palma rosa oil ? we have palma rosa oil our farms are in hyderabad contact me via inbox if there are any buyers for this oil
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    Wanted I want to mushroom cultivate on contract base,

    @hjadon as far as i know, mushroom is like a cottage based industry, you grow and you sell, contract farming possible, but a very very small scale with in your circle, due to the nature of the product, the model is like that....
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    Workshop on adapting basic principles of Zero Budget Natural Farming - January 22

    when are you coming to hyderabad to conduct this course
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    Wanted I am an agent based in Nigeria. I source for raw cashew nuts for interested buyers from India

    i had spoken with many cashew processing units in my place, everyone has one problem, after they make payment based on FOB, they are facing a peculiar trouble. they are not getting the specified output after the processing of cashews the agent/supplier claims, the trade was done, based on...
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    5acres land at Shadnagar hyderabad what to do?

    Hi guys my friend (old person- retired doc) got 4 acres land at shadnagar, hyderabad, asking me to do something on it. what can we do there is one borewell. but you know,, not much or great agriculture is done there..... he appointed one person to take care of some plantations he planted...
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    Aloe vera Project report

    me to want to by this project report sgpsai at gmail dot com
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    project report on milk processing plant

    let me know the cost of the project reports sgpsai at gmail dot com
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    Banana fiber extracting project

    i am interested to get this report, what is the cost sgpsai at gmail dot com
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    I have Dairy farm Project report

    Hi Naidu, can you let me know, how to get this report sgpsai at gmail dot com
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    Ready Bankable Project Reports free of cost on Poly House with cultivation of

    send me the report and do u offer consultancy ? sgpsai at gmail dot com
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    send me the hardware details for the hydroponics
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    Pomegranate Cultivation & Consultancy

    hi can i get details on sgpsai at gmail dot com on pomegrnate cultivation
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    What is the most powerful media for reaching out to farmers?

    its still through traditional method, of reaching to each village panchyats, if you want o meet the farmer's directly, if you want to work with mediators, they are very hitech and use internet and mobile