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    Land for Dairy in gujarat

    Hello, Can someone please advise me if a non-agriculturist can buy farm land for dairy farming ( only milk production) in Gujarat.
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    Milk production consultancy required: small scale

    I am based in Ahmedabad Gujarat and am looking to start a small dairy of 15-30 cows and some goats. I need a local consultant who can guide me on this including the viability. I do not own farm land and hence require advise on matters realted to procurement of land. I am not interested in any...
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    Consultant required for Gujarat Project

    We are seeking consultancy for evaluating options for setting up a greenhouse, organic farm or dairy products around Ahmedabad (radius of 50 kms). consultants willing to engage with us please write in. Knowledge of local land laws will be an advantage.
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    Consultant required for Gujarat Project

    A gujarat based consultant is required to assist in the development of a horticulture project including acquisition of land. Those with adequate understanding of prevailing land laws need only apply.