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    Tissue Culture Fig (ANJEER) Available

    Apologies, got locked out of account. I will send you all reply immediately
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    Tissue Culture Anjeer Trees For Sale

    Figs (ANJEER) are a uniquely nutritious fruit, as they have the highest amount of calcium of any fruit, and 100g (3.5 oz) of dried figs contains 16% of the daily recommended amount needed for an adult. Just three figs per day can solve malnutrition in children and adults. We have available...
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    Tissue Culture Fig (ANJEER) Available

    I can supply tissue culture plants of Anjeer, fully hardened. This is a selection made from Poona Red variety very suitable for fresh consumption Interested may send me mail
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    Urgently want Herbs: Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram

    Hi, Urgent requirement. Genuine and serious suppliers please contact me if you have any of these herb plants: Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram Thanks
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    can coconut tree can be developed in tissue culture

    Hi There, I would like to point out, that practically any plant in the worl can be tissue cultured or propagated by micro propagation. However, the technique of producing the plant by tissue culture is vastly different for each plant, and the cost of production varies with the kind of plant as...
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    FIG trees wanted

    I want Puna red fig trees/saplings, about 500-1000 plants, based in maharastra
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    Organic Manure From Banana Waste

    Sunrich organic manure is made from banana waste, with added microbes and 20% richer in organic matter than farm yard manure. Sunrich has been tested from a govt accredited lab and exceeds the govt's gold standard for organic manure. Interested parties get in touch for bulk purchases in...
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    Red guava plants lalit variety for sale

    I am interested. Please call me or send me pm
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    Horticulture Trade Shows Events and Exhibitions

    Sorry, not helpful on the phone in either case... Isn't there anyone out here who can give me a few names of upcoming exhibitions or trade shows?
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    Pruning Cucumber Hi there, There are 2 types of cucumber plants: greenhouse kind creeping vine kind and the bushy kind. This is a method from a gardening website which I can't remember. For the long vine type cucumbers: plant can be pruned in same way as tomatos by removing the lateral...
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    High profitable crops/plants

    I can suggest many such as Teak, Date Palm, Parval etc, but it depends on your soil, water and how soon you want the returns. Send me an pm with your details or submit a comment on my blog and I'll reply Kitchen Gardens FAQs
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    Tissue culture lab around Delhi or North India

    You can go to NCS TCP website, where they have approved labs listed by region. Welcome to NCS-TCP Website Cheers! Kitchen Gardens FAQs
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    I know a friend who has a commercial sericulture farm. Please send me detailed info about you, and I will pass it on.
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    IITians turning farmers?

    I knew there was something abt It-ians and Good Link Btw thanks Pankaj
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    Horticulture Trade Shows Events and Exhibitions

    Really? Not one answer? No offense, but this forum should be renamed ......there's not much sharing of information as trading of plants and products.
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    Dear useless moderator..

    LOL Aman, its them....
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    Banana Tissue culture plants

    Tissue Culture Banana Plants We can supply you Grand Naine, not Reliance, but better than Reliance. Here's the proof:
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    Horticulture Trade Shows Events and Exhibitions

    Can anyone please list all the upcoming events and exhibitions from July 2011-July 2012 in India? Thanks
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    Want to buy complete hydroponics bed

    I have a shoe string budget and would like to make a few beds and see how they will work out. Please guide me in DIY style beds
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    Fan and pad Greenhouse

    Location This project is based in Vadodara and near by areas.