Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    I am offering Finance for India Agriculture projects.

    Sir, I am Srinivas Reddy from Hyderabad. I am running a organic vegetable cultivation. I f you are given consent to me I will expand the cultivation into various branches like food processing, pickles etc. I f you all are interested into please reply me:
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    Do you need loan for your project to be carried out?

    sir, I am srinivas from Hyderabad. I am presently moving the organic vegetables cultivation. I f you provide the loan for me I will expand the business into new branches on basing the your loan amount. If you are interested please send reply to :
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    Resource Sharing - Use our Land for Free

    for more information about land sir, I am Srinivas from Hyderabad. I am interested to do cultivate the land as well as agri related sallied products like pickles,