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    Alovera jel, amla juice machine

    we need the machines We need the machines, plz contact us. You can search my company " Pushpanjali Agro Industry " on the net for all details
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    aloe vera products

    Aloevera Juice, Karela Jamun Juice, Amla Juice where is your manufacturing unit, and wts ur contact address
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    Aloe Vera Processing Unit Training Program

    Aloevera Training The fee for the training very high, as this is charitable society it should very nominal, if possible make this fee very nominal so that maximum entrepreneurs attend it
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    Aloe Vera Processing Unit Training Program

    The Programe is realy very good, but how will you cover so many things in 2 days, I think duration is less. Anyway plz tell what will be the fee of this training programe, and also tell that will the training include making of aloevera skin gel. Thanks
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    Aloevera Juice 100% Pure & Natural

    Pls contact me , send me your contact info in pvt, message
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    Yogurt vs curd

    Is there any difference between Yogurt and the curd(dahi) that we make at home, is the culture and bacteria diffent for yogurt, if yess from where can is get culture for yougurt Pushpanjali Agri Ind. Chandigarh.
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    Hydroponics Color Capsicum Business Opportunity.

    Hello Mr Atul , We are intrested in your project and we need more details, how can we be intouch, our company is Pushpanjali Agro Industry, mfg Aloevera Products
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    How to make Aloevera Pickel

    Please Guide me, on how to make aloevera pickel
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    250 acre land at 60 k per acre

    Plz forward more details like... Plz forward more details like location of land, distric n its surrounding with ur contact details
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    Profitable Floriulture Opporunity

    Plz forward the details of ur project to us,
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    Aloe vera Gel

    WE can provide u aloevera gel WE can provide u required quantity aloevera gel at very nomainal price, u my contact us 4 details
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    Required Land in Orrisa

    Required Land in Orrisa, in the costal belt upto 2 acres for a small farmhouse set up, land may be any where frm Puri to southern orrisa towards AP, Plz contact with price details
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    Profitable Flower Farming Business

    Plz send the details Plz send the details of ur project, n u can contact at below email
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    Land Required in Orrisa around costal belt

    Land Required in Orrisa around costal belt upto 2 acres for a small farmhouse, prefferably from Puri to southern orrisa towads AP , contact immediately with Price details at the follwong contact
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    Mushroom training programme on 8-9th june

    Is there any such tranning for squashes and juices, mocktails Is there any such tranning for squashes and juices, mocktails and bverages,
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    Exporting Tofu from India

    Go for a new soya cow machine, Firstly i suggest u to go for new soya cow machine, as u can get loan n subsity for that, second its not easy to export a food product, specialy tofu becos its preservation 4 long time is very difficult n costly, you can earn gud only in local market. For...
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    Write your own success story with us

    We can offer you good opportunity, with sure shot success formula. We area Growing Food Industry and we have developed many food products, we are looking to market our products and looking for people who can get associate with us. We will provide full markiting support n knowlege. Contact below...
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    What is ur dream !!!!!!!!!

    Plz send ur contact to our email Get intouch, send ur contact info.
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    Join hands with us for Growth and Prosperity

    Growth is the key to success All enquires are solicited regarding our project
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    Research into the future :

    Do you know which industry has given best growth over the centuries, i.e. Food Industry. Its ever lasting industry with gud growth. So joinn hands with us to be part of it. For best growth opportunites contact us as below,