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    Wanted Wanted farmers for cultivating organic foods.

    i have my farm in between Chennai and Bangalore highway. If interested, please let me know.
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    Seeking consultancy for taking up the agriculture in our land at Jolarpet

    I have 12 acres of land with two open well water sources and each with 5HP pump sets situated in between Chennai and Bangalore, at Jolarpet. Recently I laid water pipes covering entire land and leveled entire land with JCB. We have been doing traditional cultivation methods so far, I am seeking...
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    Wanted guava saplings in Bangalore.

    I want to plant white guava plants (taiwan or VNR variety) in two acres. Can any body suggest the source to get these saplings. I am from Bangalore.
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    Solar powered dc submersible pump - suggestions & user experiences

    Dear Mr Krishnan I am basically a photovoltaic engineer working in ISRO. I am also exploring a possible DC immersible pumps for lifting water from well. I have seen in few internet sites showing DC pumps driven by solar panels. Whether DC or AC motor, there shall be the required power(Watts) to...
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    Are your Farms or Agriculture Lands Secure??

    Fence please provide me the cost of your fence per meter. I would like to fence my farm. Send me a pm, please.
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    Mini Paddy Harvester for Sale in Andhra Pradesh

    mini paddy harvester Dear Agri friends I am also interested to purchase this. Can you please attach few photographs of the unit. Where it is available? I am from Bangalore. Please send pm.
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    Diesel Power Weeder / Mini Tiller

    diesel tiller I am really interested in this type of tiller. Please quote the cost. How about spare parts and servicing? You can intimate through my P mail. Vasudevan R
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    Solar Water Pump For Sale

    solar water pump The technical specifications are wrong. Please verify.
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    Green Fooder

    green fodder You can go ahead with Nappier grass which is the best fodder for cattles. Vasudevan
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    Invest 20 lakhs and take home 40,000 every month :

    Is water soruce from Mullai Periyar?
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    Invest 20 lakhs and take home 40,000 every month :

    Is water soruce from Mullai Periyar?
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    1 acre agri land near bangalore

    please avoid this ype of cranky questions and answers.
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    Subsidy for Drip Irrigation in Tamil Nadu

    drip irrigation in TN As per the govt order, 100% subsidy is for farmers who have up to 2 acres; 75% for up to 5 acres. This is the right figures.
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    Low cost windmills

    renewable energy Basically I am a photovoltaic engineer. Farmers definitely can not afford for solar power or wind mill type of generators, as their investments are beyond our imagination. I too do farming. Lot of research is going on in the field of high efficient/low cast solar cells. But, we...
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    Tiptur tall coconut seedlings available

    Tiptur coconut Dear sir I am from Bangalore. Can you please inform me the cost for 100. I am interested to plant in my land. Reagards Vasu
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    seeking advice

    Dear sir thank you very much for your message. R Vasudevan
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    seeking advice

    I have been putting my request in this forum quite often. I am having about 12 acres of land near Jolarpet, in between Bangalore and Chennai. Sugarcane, paddy and groundnut are grown depending upon the season. Presently two pump sets with rain gun facility is available. Can any expert suggest me...
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    Consulancy for organic farming

    aloevera sir, your blog is very informative and useful. We have around 12 acres near Jolarpet (Tamilnadu) with two open wells. I am interested in cultivating this. Can you please inform me how to go ahead in starting this plant cultivation.Also please tell me about its marketing scheme. Regards...
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    Drip or Rain Gun

    rain gun Mr Rao very recently I have purchased two rain guns for my sugarcane irrigation purpose. They are working very efficiently with my 5HP, open well and sub-immersible pumps. You can not use it along with your bore well pump, because it requires a minimum thrust of 2kg per square cm fo...
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    bio gas production

    bio gas Dear Mr Arjun I am from Jolarpet. I am serious about installing biogas system to run a 5 hp irrigation motor. Please help me in this regard. With regards R Vasudevan