Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    Hybrid Napeir Grass with 150 Ton PER YR for Next 5 years : HN-CO4 Slips for Sale in

    Sir can you send picture of the grass to I am intrested
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    Solar Fencing for farm land at Discounted Price...!

    Friend i want to fence 18 acres of land please give me project cost minimum where is your shop i am from jalna, maharashtra. mobile : 09922329522
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    what is the amount of subsidy offer by govt of maharashtra for shet tala(farm pond) w

    There is one scheme known as samuhik shet tale it is 100% subsidised get detailed information from your Agriculture office
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    Cow dung long logs with center hole machine

    please give details
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    I want to start Prawn farming small business

    Sir i have 45x45 m pond depth is 5m can prawns devoloped there and what is feed that is required for it please send details thanking you mo; 09922329522
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    Solar power fence

    Sir I am Interested do you have office in Maharashtra please let me know my email is mobile 09922329522
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    Electro-magnetic machine for "hard water" problems

    Sir iam intrested please give details i.e. is price and capacity please mail to or call 09922329522
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    Dont worry..we will solve your "hard water" problems

    Sir i am intrested in buying please send details to or call 09922329522 thanking you
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    Solar water pumping system with duel axis tracker

    please send detaiks to
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    Seeking Distributors for marketing our Compact RO desalination system from Japan.

    I am interested please send details about the conditions to
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    Solar pump inverter

    Sir please send details with price to
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    Dual Chaff cutter

    Please forward technical literature \ catalgoue and price to
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    Required Wanted Farmers for medicinal plants cultivation under buyback

    If interested in Maharashtra, Marathwada region please feel free to write to with details
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    FENCE for your FARMS @ very affordable rates!

    Sir, I want it for 16 acres of farm please give me more information on thanking you
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    Earn good returns by planting melia dubia

    Sir please give details of the plant with its use on
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    solar cold storage

    please send details including investment and cost analysis to
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    Stevia cultivation with buyback

    Sir is it possible for you to buyback from maharashtra.I am intrested. I have 16 acre drip irregated black soil
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    Electric / solar fencing

    Please send details for 12 Acres land