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    Seeking Clove Buyers

    If you are interested in buying cloves, then contact us Price USD13,500/MT FOB
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    Fresh milk available

    Hi Ravi, If you are not able to handle fluid milk above 450 Lit/day, then you can think of making traditional milk product like khoa, paneer and ghee. These have higher shelf life than fluid milk and have higher margin per kg. We can give you online guidance and consultancy on how to...
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    sale for dry stevia leavs & stevioside

    Dear Mr.Prajapat, Greetings from Bhalovi... Your product - Honey Leaf, seems to be an interesting one. You can contact us for any food/beverage formulation related help: * recipe development * recipe balancing * competitor bench marking * improvement in nutrition in your product * better...
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    Project consultancy

    please contact
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    turmeric seed Bhalovi - Home
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    Insulin Plants

    please contact
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    Mushroom for sale

    please contact
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    Help needed to setup a Dairy farm

    Hi, We will be able to help you. Give some more details of your requirements. Thanks