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    we want spirulin powder

    spirulina ready for sale Dear sir we are ready to supply spirulina flakes/powder/ let us know ur contact details with regards chandradev4u
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    Dear sir, We can supply BRAHMI live plants as per your requirement.First of all let us know your contact details.Then we will give all parameters for successfull growth of such plants. warm regards chandrasekhar.annam
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    Consultancy Wanted for Aromatic Herbs

    Guidance to your Aromatic Herbs Dear sir I am ready to guide you on cultivation of aroma-herbs you mentioned.But I would like to know certain parameters from your contact thru my mail-id. with regards chandradev4u
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    fresh spirulina

    Dear all we are with fresh spirulina-75kg-100kg flakes.we can give powder/capsules form also you if need.Interested parties Pl contact us with regards chandradev4u Tirupati Andhrapradesh
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    contract farming for Andhrapradesh

    Dear all Those who are interested in Contract Farming pl contact or give private message or give ur contact details. with regards chandradev4u
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    contract farming for Andhrapradesh

    Dear all, Interested Growers/farmers from Chittoor, Kadapa and Nellore districts pl contact me for CONTRACT FARMING/BUY BACK FACILITY exclusively for Medicinal Plants with regards chandradev4u
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    Ashwagandha crops cultivation .,!

    ashwagandha contract farming Dear sir pl contact me on for buy-back agreement for your 5acres for ashwagandha with regards chandradev4u Please contact............
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    marigold yellow ready

    marigold Dear AMITKARIA regarding Marigold pl call me/ give your e-mail/ private message/ contact number with regards chandradev4u
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    marigold yellow ready

    Dear all Now Marigold flower-yellow-F1 ready for sale-Andhrapradesh-Tirupati.Everyday we can give 500kg flower.Interested buyers pl contact immediately...... with regards chandradev4u
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    consultancy for Medi herbs

    Dear all We can provide consultancy for some common medicinal plants seed material.Therefore that you can reduce cost on your planting materia/seed contact...... with regards chandradev4u andhrapradesh-tirupati
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    Brahmi herb

    brahmi dear sir we can supply contact.This is from Andhrapradesh.Tirupati with regards chandradev4u Please contact....
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    Ashwagandha fresh seed ready

    Dear all we are with 9 quintols of Ashwagandha fresh seed.Ready for sale. Interested parties pl contact.......... seed which can yield 3 to 31/2 quintols/acre with regards chandradev4u