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    For Sale Aloe Vera for sale

    I am member since 2018. I used to post before.
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    For Sale Medicinal plant, Fruit plant , Forestry Plant etc.

    Hi. Please share your contact details .. I am interested to buy medicinal plants.
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    Wanted Vermicompost & cocopeat

    Dear All I am in Trichy - Tamilnadu. I am interested to Buy good quality vermicompost & cocopeat. Please contact . Thanks
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    Question Terrace gardening

    Dear All I am interested in terrace gardening in my 1200 sq feet. I need expert advice from scratch... Please help Thanks mani
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    For Sale Aloe Vera for sale

    Hi all I am growing aloe vera . People who are interested to buy, please contact . Please quote your price per kilo. Thanks
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    Need suggestion for cultivation of teak trees

    Dear members I am planning to go for teak cultivation ( maximum of 20 - 30 trees ) Distance between each teak tree. should we cut branches, so that the tree grows straight or can we leave branches ? after how many years of growth, can the tree be cut ? what is the returns, we can get after 10...
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    Be keeping in Trichy

    Hi, I am just planning to start. so my requirement is 4 boxes & a person who can help me in setting up with buy back facility. However, I recd reply from Kerala - His contact is
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    Be keeping in Trichy

    Thanks. since I am starter, I need 4 Boxes. Need a person who can assist personally. Also, need Buy back facility.
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    Wanted Vegetable seeds

    Dear all. I need quality ( not GM ) vegetable seeds of all types for my farm. Interested person, please call me 9611122334. I am in Bangalore. If I need to contact person from Tanjore or trichy, I am happy... Thanks Mani
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    Be keeping in Trichy

    can anyone help me with contact details for Bee Keeping at Trichy. I am interested to start this in a small way...Thanks Mani
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    Need information to purchase SIM operated Motor Pumps Preferably in Chennai & Tamilnadu .

    Hi all, Has anybody working with SIM operated Motor pumps ? If you are successful, please suggest names / company who can help me in installing one...Preferably in Chennai & Tamilnadu dealers..Thanks Please share your experiences. Thanks Mani
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    Wanted Wanted gir cow.

    Price please for teh Gir at Kumbakonam ? Thanks
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    Wanted Wanted gir cow.

    P Pri
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    WHAT CAN I PLANT ? I have 12000 Sq feet of land. Very fertile.

    Dear All, I have 12000 Sq feet of land. Very fertile. completely free from Fertilizers.. What Can I plant ? How can I use it ? To get good returns ? Thanks Mani
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    Need information/ consultant on Natural / Organic Farming on plain fields / terrace farming.

    Sir. Thank you for extending your helping hand. Great I am some where near Bangalore.. How can you help me ? do you help via videos ? interactive sessions ?
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    Need information/ consultant on Natural / Organic Farming on plain fields / terrace farming.

    Hi, I am from Trichy. Interested to know more about... Natural / Organic Farming on plain fields. Natural / Organic Terrace farming I need a good consultant who can help me right from the word A in agriculture. Can anyone help me with the contact number of a good consultant from Trichy /...