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    Olive tree Plantation

    Wish to buy/ take on long term lease, an olive tree plantation in Rajasthan/ Haryana or Punjab. Trees should be more than 5 years old and fruiting. Non fruiting trees can also be looked into.
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    Wanted Sidr (Zizyphus spina-christi )

    Wanted quote for different sizes of upto 2000 Sidr plants of varying height and sizes for export purposes. The plants should be healthy and disease free with a very high chance of survival. A reasonable quote would invite instantaneous business.
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    Landscape and Nursery manager & Assistant manager required for Qatar

    Yes Sir, I am interested in the offer. I have MSc in agriculture from a renowned university. Work experience of 5 years in Rajasthan and I am very hard working. Little knowledge of computers. I am preparing my CV. Thanks.
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    Green house

    I wish to start a greenhouse farming pilot project near Baroda in Gujrat. I want to know what would be the best type of greenhouse to build in this region and the type of fittings that would be useful? I would also like to know the pricing, govt. subsidies and some good companies that can...
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    Project reports

    Costing Hi, I am interested in a project report for a greenshoe, farm of 10 acer size. I would like to know the aproximate cost of such a project report for the purpose of bank loan and subsidy from NH B.
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    A Handbook of Organic Farming

    Dear Sir, How to uy thisbook from Ridhi international? The price in the cart is still showing $60?
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    Turmeric Seeds on sale in Punjab for 2012

    Dear Members, I would like to thank the Agri Info forum for providing a wonderful platform for such wide publicity at virtually no cost to me. I would also like to thank the patrons for the overwhelming response to my thread, especially through the private messages. I would soon be joining...
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    one and only high yielding tissue culture teak producers in india and abroad

    Teak plants Sir, Can you also specify the time to maturity of these varieties and also update us on the advantages of using your brands. Rgds
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    What would be the price that you are quoting?
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    Turmeric Seeds on sale in Punjab for 2012

    Dear All, Thank you very much for the response. I really appreciate it. In a nut shell I can assure you that turmeric cultivation is a very profitable crop selection for a non-subsistence farmer, both as a stand-alone crop and also as an intercrop. The intial cost is a bit high due to the...
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    Turmeric Seeds on sale in Punjab for 2012

    We are inviting bookings for a high yielding, 8.4 Carcumin (Colour & pigmentation element), disease resistant, turmeric rhizomes in Punjab for agricultural and retail purposes. Highest quality is assured. Deliveries by Mar-Apr 2012. Also offering buy-back of the entire crop. Technical assistance...
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    200 Acres land required.

    Hi, Is this for leasing or for buying the land? Also can you clarify whether you need land for agricultural purposes and what is your requirement w.r.t water availability and / or irrigation purposes. Also addressed to Savera farms: Is the quoted price of 70-80k for buying or lease??? Rgds Gauri
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    Intercropping medicinal plants with poplar plantation

    Sir/ Ma'am, I have a poplar plantation in around 100 acers fertile farmland in central/ East U.P. and I would like to know what medicinal plants I can grow in these fields that can compliment my plantation. My trees are over 2 years old. The soil is well irrigated by ground water, type is...