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    goat farm accessories!!

    [B]Goat farm accessories, chaff cutter and goat shed, weighing scale for sale immediate & serious buyers are welcome. vijaykumar / Please contact..[/B]
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    Goat shed & Chaff cutter!

    Goat shed and accessories for sale at kanchipuram. interested and immediate buyers can contact vijaykumar ,
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    Goat/Dairy accessories!

    For sale:(Following accessories can be used at Goat farm/ Dairying /Poultry units.) 1. Chaff cutter 2hp 3 phase 2 blade wheel type 1no. 2. 500kg capacity weighing scale (manual) 1no. 3. 80X40 ft. Welded mesh Goat shed with rooftop and runner set up Fencing80X40 ft. Further details...
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    Looking for small Onions in Brine...

    Small onion/Sambar onion will be available as your requirement. pls call vijay
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    Required consultant to adopt drip irrigation

    for detailed information discuss vijay
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    We want Tapioka

    pls contact for tapioca vijay
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    elephant food

    pls contact for your need 9787287801 vijay
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    Meat goat farming - need expert advice

    All you mentioned are right sir, pls call for more information vijay. Thanks.
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    Orange/ Purple/Black Color Capsicum SEEDS?

    Coloured capsicum seeds available with some private seed producing companies. which are very good potential among the metro consumers. I had experienced. vijay
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    Wanted agri advice on my dry land

    Can we have more information about land ... and all. call me vijay
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    we can supply.. Sir, We can supply Tapiaco at regular intervel with right quality and quantity on agreement basis. pls contact vijay
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    For sale: Chaff cutter & weighing scale

    3phase, two blades wheel type, chaffcutter in good condition and 500kg capacity weighing scale - manual.... for sale at kanchipuram. pls. contact. vijay
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    Curry leaf plants

    Wanted curry leaf plants for new planting. contact viijay Please contact...
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    Agriculutre land for sale.

    Forty acres of Agriculture fertile land with clear title for sale at Tiruvannamalai dt. contact; vijay
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    Free International Agribusiness

    pls mail me details
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    Cultivation of Button Mushrooms In chennai

    mushroom Oyster mushroom suitable for chennai area and also button mushroom under artificial weather condition it will grow. Thank U vijay Please contact..
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    wanted aloevera saplings around 20000.

    Give me your favourite quote and location with qty. vijaykumar Please contact...
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    Coir pith for sale

    pls mail me your contact detail and product profile vijaykumar Please contact..
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    help wanted

    pls tell me your location and qty. per day. vijaykumar Please contact...
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    want to buy 500 acre in and around madurai

    for more information.. pls contact vijaykumar Please contact...