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  1. roykalam

    Job Required Farm caretaker or worker

    How much salary you want. I am looking for labour.
  2. roykalam

    Advertising Manpower/Labour service providers for Agri sector

    Want a labour or a family for Kodagu. Coffee plantation
  3. roykalam

    Question Rain gun for coffee estate

    Can someone give a detailed view on installing rain gun facility for a coffee estate. Which type of gun , pipes suitable, cost per acre. If going for permanent setup. Total area to be covered is 7 acers. Motor - electric or diesel. HP required, any subsidy available etc.
  4. roykalam

    Job Required 7 agriculture family labour available

    One family for Kodagu, Karnataka. Coffee plantation work.
  5. roykalam


    What price you are expecting. Is this wet or dry land. Which crops are currently cultivated in this area. Government restrictions on purchasing land if any. Ground water level, if going for borewell.
  6. roykalam

    Job Available Agriculture Workers

    Would you like to work in Karnataka. What salary you want
  7. roykalam

    Land Available 11 Acres Organic Estate with Bungalow in Wayanad for Sale

    Price and exact place if possible photo
  8. roykalam

    Job Required I need a farm caretaker job

    Are you interested to work in farm. NR pura, Karnataka. All in all. Work includes, weeding, fertilizer application, applying pesticides if required. land area only 7 acers. Arecanut , cocoa, drip irrigation done.
  9. roykalam

    Opportunity Labour required

    In Kodagu , for men , daily wage is only Rs. 330/- per day, women Rs.220/- per day. I am looking for monthly salary basis for few years.
  10. roykalam

    Opportunity Labour required

    Kodagu coffee plantation, NRPura arecanut and cocoa. Not started yeilding.
  11. roykalam

    Opportunity Labour required

    Kodagu district, Cherambane. And N R PURA, Chikmagalur dist
  12. roykalam

    Opportunity Labour required

    Labour required to look after a farm. Work includes, weed clearing, fertilizer application, spraying pesticides if required. Operating of drip system. For Karnataka.
  13. roykalam

    Advertising Manpower/Labour service providers for Agri sector

    Need unskilled labour for Karnataka.
  14. roykalam

    Land Required Need agri land for sale or lease 4 to 5 acres with good water potential.

    I have 7 acers of land at Madikeri, Kodagu dist. Karnataka. I am planning to replant my coffee plants. It can be given on lease for four years.
  15. roykalam

    For Sale Chicken / Sheep Manure Fertilizer

    From which State, and place
  16. roykalam

    Land Required Want to buy Farm Land

    How much per acre. Source of water and electricity. Distance toNearest town. Weather in that area. Dry land required.
  17. roykalam

    Advertising Manpower/Labour service providers for Agri sector

    I need one labour to look after my coffee plants. In Kodagu. Small area. Work include, clearing weeds, fertilizer application, and overall maintenance of plants. Accommodation will be provided.
  18. roykalam

    For Sale Yelakki banana or Njalipoovan for sale

    How to contact you.