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    Wanted Indigenous microorganisms training

    Attached PDF may useful to u..
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    Planning to start small dairy farm in andhrapradesh

    Hi.. can u share your mobile no. ....
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    For Sale Multi Flower Honey

    Price pls ?
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    For Sale Ghee selling

    Price pls ?
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    Be keeping in Trichy

    Dear Mani, I too wanna start Bee keeping in Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam. If you know any info, kindly share too me also. u may get my contact details as below ...☺☺☺
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    For Sale lease for dairy farm

    So nicely explained like ur software program.... ☺☺☺ Good...
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    Wanted I am interested in starting up Gir Cow Dairy Farm

    Mr. Ashok ; let me know the cost pls...
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    For Sale pure desi gir cow ghee

    How much 1 kg of Cow Ghee ? Are u deliver to Andhra Pradesh? Pls share ur mobile no. also
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    SUPER Napier Pakchong 1

    Hi... Can u brief about soil requirement for Pakchong1 Super Napier...
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    Advertising i want to about the whole process of setting up of a dairy firm in BIHAR?

    Great info... Thanks a lot my dear... keep it up my dear... it may help,so many members...
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    Wanted Milking Machine

    Can u share ur contact no.
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    Wanted Wanted contract farmers for organic farming in Tamilnadu.

    I too got this info from this website only.. Name, i don't know. Just call him...
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    Wanted Wanted contract farmers for organic farming in Tamilnadu.

    U may contact: 90038 28077, he may help u ...
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    Need guidance to start the dairy farm

    Dear Princensk, You can check NABARD website, then u can get details about subsidy details & others. I tell u one suggestion to u, try to express ur interest to start Dairy farm to ur friends, family members or well-wishers or others, ask them to join as partnership business & start it. I...
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    Wanted Require Cheap & Best Hydrophonics unit for my farm at Bangalore

    Dear Mr. Sarvaman, If possible, try to attend the following program; it should fulfill ur need... NEWSLETTER - FEBRUARY 10, 2018 ================================================================ AGRI-BUSINESS | UNCONVENTION 23.02.2018 HYDERABAD Ballroom, LemonTree Premier Hotel, Hi-Tech...
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    Wanted Wanted: Long-term contract farming for Aloevera plantation, Visakhapatnam

    Dear Dorababus, Great to hear from u. Because; I too from AKP, VSKP. Why can't u think multi medicinal plants ... I will share following info, it may useful to u... All the best.. have a great future ahead... Profitable Multicropping Medicinal Plants Cultivation with assured Buyback under...
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    Need guidance to start-up Moringa Cultivation in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

    Dear Patel, Can u confirm is it Moringa Leaves or Moring Leaves?
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    Need guidance to start-up Moringa Cultivation in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

    Hi... Pls refer the following link FYI ...