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    salacia reticulata

    We are interested in sourcing salacia cut roots every month. Please advise the quantity that you can offer per month and also the price. Please reply to me at
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    salacia reticulata

    Salacia root We are interested in sourcing cut salacia root on regular basis with permit. Please advise what quantity you can offer per month and also the price. Please write to me at
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    Anatto Seeds ( Bixa )

    I appreciate if you can send me a sample with price offer for delivery to Cochin, Kerala. Also I need your complete address for direct contact. Please inform me the total quantity available to speak to our buyers. My address and email I D are below. Regards
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    Turmeric powder(Organic and Normal) for sale _

    Organic turmeric powder Sir, We would like to get the sample of the organic turmeric powder and also the price ideas. What quantities are available? Also which is the organic certifying agency? Please give all the details at the earliest Regards Bala
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    Dry ginger ,3% oil

    dry ginger It is difficult to get dry ginger with 3% oil in Indian varieties. You may please contact our Vice President - Commodities in his email: ho can then give further details on what best can be done. Regards
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    Menthol Oil for Sale

    Mint oil Sir, Please advise the price and also we need a sample with COA for analysis. Please contact Mr. N Balakrishnan, HEAD (QA and Production) in his email ID: Regards
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    Curcumin 6.6%

    Turmeric Plase advise your price for the Panagili Turmeric. My email ID is
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    Turmeric for sale both fresh and dried

    Turmric I am in the look out for small thin figers of dried turmeric. Please advise if you can offer this. If so please respond with sample and details on quantity available/price to below address G.A.Balakrishnan Managing Director Bhoomi Natural Products and Exports Pvt Ltd 38/2455...
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    Cardamom ( Elachi) required - 2 MT

    Please let us know which grade of Cardamom (Elaichi) that you need. The grade is based on size and is termed as AGEB/AGB/AGS etc. Please also advise if we have to sell to you or we do the export. Once I have the information we can revert and quote. Please reply to:
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    Citronella-LE Oil for SALE

    Citronella oil Dear sir, We are interested in sourcing citronella oil which you have offered. Please send the details. Also we need your direct communication address to inform our requirements. Please write to us in our email id: or to
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    Annatto seed

    annatto seed We understand that you are in a position to offer annatto seed from the Ivory coast. Please advise the price based on FCL quantity with bixin content minimum 2.5%, purity 99%. Also inform the lead time for the supply and the terms of payment Regards G.A.Balakrishnan Managing...
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    Inviting Quotations for supply of Henna & BringaRaj

    Requirements of Henna and other herbs Sir, We are keen to get associated with you for the supply of different herbs including henna which we understand is your current requirement. Please send us your direct address and contact details so that we can forward you all the details. Our contact...
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    Lemon grass oil & eucalyptus oil for sale

    Lemon grass oil Please let me know the quantity of lemongrass oil that you can offer. Please reply Regards Balakrishnan
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    Spirulina sale

    Spirulina powder Sir, We are looking for 3000 kgs of spirulina powder for export. Can you offer this and if so please give the price. Our contact address is below: G.A.Balakrishnan Managing Director Please contact..
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    Wanted Herbs

    herbs Thanks for your enquiry via Please send your complete address and the email ID for sending all the details on herbs that we can offer. Regards G.A.Balakrishnan Managing Director Please contact..
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    Wanted Food Technologist for Dubai

    Food Technologist We can help you on this since we have our own HR division who handles recruitment os such skilled positions both in India and for abroad. Please contact Mr. Jayachandran, Director. His office is at Edapally in Cochin and once you contact him he will follow it up for...
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    Palmarosa Oil

    Palmrosa oil Please send your offer/specifcation and full adress of your contact.... Please contact...
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    lemon grass slips, oil and vetevier slips.

    Lemon grass oil Please offer lemon grass oil and also the lemon grass in 1/4" cut size 500 kgs. Regards Balakrishnan G A Bhoomi Natural Products and Exports Pvt Ltd Please contact.....