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    Cold Chains logistics in India is at a nascent stage with immense growth potential

    The Cold Chain Market in India has been growing consistently and has huge potential to grow in the near future, especially since now it has strong government backing. The cold chain market was valued at INR 89 bn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11%. Government backing will help boost the...
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    Biogas plant, portable at 15000/ only

    Biogas production is the best option for the LPG, production of bio gas can be done for the personal use as well as mass production is also possible which will be commercial usage. today there is need of such kind of plants for the saving of energy, and this would be available in low cost mostly...
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    Greenhouse Produce

    Greenhouse Types classification Greenhouse is the best part of the agriculture for the cultivation in the controlled environment for the better agricultural produce which has great demand in local as well as in the Global Greenhouse market Here are the few types according to its characteristic...
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    Stevia Cultivation, Extraction, Biotechnology, Market, Project Information

    China country, in particular, has made developing the biotechnology sector one of its leading national main concerns. With more than one-fi fth of the world’s inhabitants, it is an significant market place for biotechnology products and plays a major role in biotech product development and...
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    Fig Market For the exporting the fig there is not hard core things you have to do, You can get guide books from internet or also available to read online according to the countries. Understand the rules laws for the exporting good. Countries had settled standards according to the food it for...
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    Greenhouse Produce

    Greenhouse products are having good demand over the country as well as in the global market. Greenhouse produce are highly demanded in the urban areas for daily usage and also in the hotels for their daily servings. Few products you can produce in greenhouse, Lettuce Cucumber Tomato And...
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    For Sell Edible Oil And Biodiesel Oil, Palm Oil,Sunflower oil,Jatropha oil and many

    Biodiesel Good to know about your manufacturing products, this may gives you good opportunity for the selling locally as well as exporting. Many countries like Australia are also importing the biodiesel. It is no doubt various there is good demand in the global market for the products.
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    Supply Mushrooms in Bulk quantity

    mushroom industry Mushrooms are the good alternative for the meat due to its taste, so peoples are more turning to eat veg. and market for the mushrooms globally. India is also exporting the mushrooms for the globe. Market Research Surveys will also helpful for the global exposure for your...
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    Do You Need Loan To Upgrade Your Farm

    Well these are nice facility and opportunity for the farmers as well as investors of Agricultural industries. Thanks for this nice thread, due to this peoples will directly approach to you..
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    Problems faced by Farmers in India

    This is thread is about exposing the truth about the Indian farms, and it is also true that due to increase of foreign investments this situation might be going to be more bad changes. Some actions and also awareness is required in the farmers for adapting new things for their better survival...
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    Kind Attention Dairy Farmer, Consultant & Agri Expert!!

    "Lucerne Grass(Alfalfa)." yes it is correct this grass is very beneficial for the to increase the fat values and rich with minerals as well as the proteins, Thanks for this valuable thread. cattle feed industry is now increasing their values in the market. From the latest news: An...
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    coconut products

    This is amazing fruit, Coconut and their byproducts are already famous, having great demand as raw material and also as products, Thanks for sharing , I m not a purchaser but i like this business. Good luck!
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    Olive Plantations in India

    Yes it is true, Olive and olive oil is imported in India And demand for olive oil is raising day by day, this would be great idea to grow olive in the India. It is already experimented in Rajasthan and now olive oil is made in the Gujrat. So thanks for sharing your idea. Olives being grown...
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    20 tons of Dry Grapes for sale (Harversting in the month of March 2013)

    'freedreality' Apart from the Dry Grapes in which other agricultural produce you could purchase.
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    How to dry figs

    Machine for drying fig You can find more information on the internet and books also for the the search of "book for fruits drying process" and also for "figs drying machine India" link may help you.
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    The machine to convert cash from waste

    Publish at-least links where we can find the information regarding your project. There is various waste management projects are available in the market. Some of it produces few out put in the form of Cooking gas , Biomass , Coal etc Now this is what you are trying to convert waste into cash...
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    vermi compost earthworms 9980400241

    vermicompost has enormous benefits it is also used largely in organic farming organic products or raw organic food has great demand over global market which is produced in the organic farms .
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    Banana seeds

    Banana has a good market, large percentage of banana production is done in the India itself so it has great demand over global market. Banana tree is not only famous for its fruit but also for its fiber which got from banana tree these fibers are raw material for making papers.
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    organic rice

    Organic Rice - Organic Brown Rice Organic Rice Production - A Case Study in Tamil Nadu, India | These are few links but you can get more links over internet search for growing organic rice Organic produce is increasing its demand in international market from the past few years...
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    Extracting bamboo fibre

    Good idea, online shopping already being popular trend over India, In this you are providing quality along with the reasonable price it will be best attraction for the customers .