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    sale:portable biogas

    Hi Interested in setting up a plant in maharastra is it possible ? if yes then please contact
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    Copra for Sale

    copra for oil Hi ! i am interested in 500 kgs if it is for oil purpose what's the price and can you deliver via bus to goa. thanks
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    Seeking help from lemongrass experts

    Option Hi ! margins are better in selling your crop to the Tea making companies than extracting oil from your crop.herbal tea companies would give you three times the returns than your oil production. Think it over as i am a lemon grass cultivator myself All the Best Regards J
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    Aloevera mother plants throwaway

    Hello ! I am a aloe farmer interested in buying your crop . i am based in Thane ( Maharastra) and
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    Banana's for sale

    what would be the price for your baby plants ?
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    Fresh Mango, Mango pulp.

    Please send us rate per KG or sms it to
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    No Risk More Benefits

    Hi ! we are interested in your products kindly send us your details of products with prices and the formalities for your franchisee agreement. Thanks & Regards John
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    Papaya Plants

    Hello ! Please send me a quote for 500 plants to be delivered in mumbai Thanks & Regards
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    Auto-Gas LPG Dispensing Station Franchise across India

    Hi ! we have a land in maharastra and we are interested in setting up a LPG station . Kindly contact -
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    Pure Organic Aloe Vera Pulp.....

    hello ! we are interested in pure aloe plup. please give us some details of the crop, type of soil where it was planted, was any fertilizer otherthan natural was used for soil improvement. which part of india is the crop from and lastly what would be the landed cost in mumbai per K G Thanks &...
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    Coconuts in Bulk

    Hello ! Please send me a quotation for supply of coconuts in mumbai with transport. Thanks & regards John
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    Coconuts in Bulk

    we need coconut in mumbai Hello Sir We have a requirement for dry coconut please let us if you could supply in mumbai and what quantity would be needed to place an order and wwhat would be the cost per coconut. Thanks Regards John
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    ICE Tea & spirulina

    Hi ! We are Interested in your products please contact us -
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    Tulsi plantation

    Hi ! Deepti the soil can be created for planting tulsi plants you can grow them in small/ large Pots/buckets/containers. we can supply you with baby plants. 3 to 4 inches in height @ Rs 8/- per plant delivery would be charged as per actuals. If interested Kindly Contact Me- Thanks Regards...
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    fruits for sell

    Hi ! we are interested Please contact John
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    Tissue culture G9 banana plants for sale

    Hi ! i need landed cost (delivery upto Farm) of 500 nos in Mumbai Or Thane Thanks Please write to me Contact- Thanks John
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    Naturally grown organic Coconut for sale

    organic food Kamal Please contact us we are from Mr. Farmer and supply fruits and Veggs to Malls. Thanking you Regards John
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    sirohi and jamnapaari goats for sale

    Hi ! we have a requirement of 2 bucks and 1 doe pure white(jamnapaari goats) to be delivered in thane - maharastra please lets us know the net cost with delivery charges and if you could send us pictures of the goats on your farm. thanking you in anticipation John ibj agro