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    may i know at what rate you are taking the dry oyster
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    Compost for bulk sale

    compost for button mushroom???
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    banana fibre extraction

    I think there is a training center in kerala regarding that. even the goverment give finance to set up this buisness.
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    Spirulina with 67-70% protein for sale.

    hello sir/mam, we are the cultivators and marketers of spirulina. I can supply spirulina in bulk quaninty at the best rate.Also our product is organic certificated one. for further details pls contact .
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    Spirulina for sale

    hello sir/mam, we are the suppliers of spirulina powder. i can give you for best price. for further details contact me
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    Mushroom Spawn

    hello sir, this is GOPI i can supply u the spawns. for further details contact me
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    wanted mushroom wholesale buyers

    hello kishore Am gopi frm tamilnadu. Am doing wholesale mushroom buisness. i can take ur mushroom.for further details call me
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    Wanted Mushroom wanted

    hello jamal, this is gopi frm tamilnadu,i can supply ur required amount of mushroom at the best price for further details contact me
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    Need Consultancy Services

    hello samskaragros I can provide u the projects and consultancy of ur interested one. for further details plz contact me
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    Looking out for Fair trade based Agri projects in and around Tamil Nadu

    hello sudhakar let me know your investment details so that according to tat i can suggest and consult bio business. u can contact me
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    oyster mushroom spawn wanted huge level

    respone to 3691 hello sir i can provide you the oyster spawn(seed) as cheap as no one can give contact me
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    Consultancy for Mushroom Plant

    i can consult u for oyster and milky mushroom. u can contact me
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    New baby in the aggricultural field - need consultancy

    hi ashok this is gopi i can help u in the feilds of mushroom cultivation(oyster,milky) spirulina and stevia (sugar leaf). u can contact me