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    3 Acre Coffee Estate with Beautifull GIRI view, @ Chikmgalur, Karnataka

    Hi this is Shyamsunder, I am interested, would appreciate if you could call me on Ninie Nine seven two seven nine zero two two two, or share the details on ssunder9 at gmail dot com. Shyam
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    Selling 3 acres agricultural land in Mandya

    Hi, This is Shyam, I am interested, could you please let me know the following: Are you the title holder. Total extent of land. Coat per acre. What crop are U currently growing. Exact location of the property. Does it have a fencing. How about approach road up to property. Water Source, do you...
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    10 acres of farm land in Bangalore

    Hi, Could you please share the price you are looking at per acre. You can reach me Shyam
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    Farm Land and Farm House in Mysore for lease

    HI, Looks interesting, though I am from Bangalore & have a 4 acre, farm NW of Bangalore, looking at the write up (which is quite impressive & exhaustive),I got interested.Please share your contacts, enabling me to get in touch. U can also, reach me on nine nine seven two seven nine zero two...
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    medicinal plants contract farming

    Hi Shyam Here, I have 3 acres of land, two b Wells, with good water source, electricity, fully fenced, about 130 Kms NW of Bangalore.Would appreciate of you could share more details Shyam
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    15 Acres Agriland sale near Hiriyur,Karnataka.

    HI Vikram, This is Shyam,can you please share the details in terms of location, price, titles on my mail ID: . Can also call me Shyam
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    5acre farmland for lease or sale in bangalore

    Hi, This is Shyam. Can you give me more details Shyam
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    2.5 to 15acres agricultural land for sale near Kanakapura Taluk, Bangalore.

    Hi, This is Shyam. Can you give me more details Shyam
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     3 acres mango plantation for sale near to bangalore

    Hi, This is Shyam. Can you give me more details Shyam
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    Farmland for sale

    Hi Loganathan,, can you call me Shyam
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    agriculture land 50 acre for sale in karnataka.

    Hi, Shyam here, Cost per acre??can this land of 50 acres, be split, if I need to buy less??Please respond
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    15 acres cheap plain land for sale

    HI This is Shyam, I am interested, please call me on 9972790222 OR mail me, further details.
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    Agriculture land for sale near to bangalore

    Hi this is Shyam , please let me know the location.Price per acre, for immediate settlement.You can call me or mail me the details.Or SMS/Mail your contact details, immediately
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    4 Acres Red soil land for sale near Hiriyur (karnataka)

    Hi,This is Shyam, I am interested, please let me know Are the titles clear. Water Supply-Do there a Bore well? Electic Supply-Does the land have an electric connection Is the land currently being cultivated, if yes, what do you grow. Connectivity-Is the land connected by motorable road. I am...
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    Farm Land Sale

    HI,This is Shyam,Price/Acre????please call me .I am interested, can decide after site visit Reagrds Shyam
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    6.5 acre coconut farm near Kollegal is for sale

    Hi,This is shyam, am interested & can call me or can reach my mail box Let me know the rate per acre.Are the records clear.How good is the electric supply.Is this land conneccted to the nearest village/town by a tar road. Apart from cocunut trees is the land cultivated.Type of soil.Please mailor...
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    5 acres fertile agri land located near Bangalore is for sale(Rs.2.5L/acre)

    Hi, Is this still available, if yes, please mail me OR call me.. Shyam.
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    Coconut farm for sale near Hiriyur on N H-4.

    HI Vikram, Let me know the rate you are looking at, can reach me Please call/Mail. Shyam
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    Farm lands for sale within 100kms from Bangalore

    Hi Ramakrishna, Could you pleae let me know the following. a)Rate per acre. b)You can reach me b)Still better if you could mail me your contact cell no & mail ID. c)Are the titles Clear? d)Does the land not belong to any one from the SC/ST group. e)Availability of electricity. f)Availability of...
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    coconut tree Land for Sale near Mysore

    Hi, This Shyam , Can you please let me know the cost per acre for the 3.37 Acre land. Hope the land does not belong to SC/ST. Are you the owner? What crop are you growing currently? Is the land cultivated? Exact location(Nearest village/Town) How far from Main road(KMS)? Water availability...