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    Ginger Fresh

    Ginger required Hi. Pls. call me with further details with the ginger along with prices. shyju sekharan bangalore
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    Ginger for sale

    Hi, I am interested in bulk ginger from meghalaya. I am from Bangalore pls. contact if you can supply 30 tons/day Regards shyju
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    Wanted fund of 2L for already grown up ginger farm

    Loan required for the 8 acres ginger crop Dear All, I am having 8 acre ginger crop in madikeri / tala kaveri route. already 5 months old and in a very good and healthy crop. Looking forward to have a good hravest. How ever I am running short of fund to maintain the same for next three to four...
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    Pomegranate Requirements Hi, This is shyju sekharan and I am fruit merchant based in Bangalore, I do domestic and international fruit business. I am having good source of export quality Pomegranate [Ganesh](Bhagava). pls. contact me with your details. shyju sekharan
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    2011 fresh garlic for sell

    Hi, Pls. contact me with the price and your contact details below.
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    Vegitable and fruits required.

    Hi All, I am looking for following products. 1) Grape sonaka( long but thin) thumpson ( long but short), ganesh (round) black and green. 2) Dry chilli (Teja and Sonam) 3) Ginger ( for vegetable dry red mud) , onion, garlic, tomatto,carrot. 4) Turmeric ( Fingers dry) 5)...
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    Wanted 50Acres & above Agri land for 10 years lease within 100kms from bangalore

    Hi, I am having fresh(not cultivated so far) 100 acres in Kurg district with covering all your mentioned requirements. pls. advise the cost you can offer/acre for one year. Regards
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    anybody want export quality basmati paddy(pusa-1121)

    Hi, PLs. contact with stock and price details,
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    anybody want export quality basmati paddy(pusa-1121)

    Hi, Pls. contact me with full stock details and price urgently. Thanks shyju
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    Ginger cultivation methods on fresh hill tracks of coorg karnataka

    Hi, would like to know the ginger cultivation methods in 100 acres of hill tracks fresh land. also if anyone who can do consultancy for me pls. advise. Thanks shyju