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    shikakai plants

    where i can get shikakai plants. can any one please share the details cultivation of shikakai plants in borders of land?
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    For Sale RAW Mangoes Available

    Totapori/bangalura raw mangoes available. completely organic we have not used any pesticides. 150gms to 200gms each mango. 30rs per kg negotiable call : 9940727685/9952773267 Whatsapp : 9952773267 Photos can be shared based on request
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    Which brush cutter with cultivator attachment is good

    Please suggest me a good and long lasting brush cutter with cultivator attachment. Please mention the brand. Am going to use this in my farm to control the weeds. Am confused to choose which brand will be suitable for us and which brand works effectively. Thank you
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    Neelam Mangoes for sale

    We have around 15 tones of Neelam mangoes for sale in my farm located in pernambut near by Ambur in vellore district. mangoes are ready for harvesting... we can arrange farm visit and discuss about the rates contact ASAP to make a deal. very good taste and quality mangoes Contact...
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    Eucalyptus cultivation

    Hi Friends, I am having 5 acres of land in my home town Vellore district, Pernambut . i am planning to cultivate Eucalyptus in my land, please advise how to cultivate, how selling possibilities , its rate in paper mills . It is profitable or not
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    10 acre land needed immediately

    Hi, I need 10 acre of land with water resource in vellore district, land should not be near by any villages or any town it should be outer,road access is required for the land. my budget is less than 4lacs/acre. Please contact on: mail phone:9952773267
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    Medicine to spary on mango tree flowers

    Hi friends, I am from vellore district,i have mango orchard .now its started to flower,I don't know what medicine need spray to protect it without damaging the yield,In shop they give more options on medicines to spray but i am new to this i need a clarity on this please help...
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    mango plantation

    Thanks you friends for your value suggestions
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    mango plantation

    Hai Friends, I have 4 acres of empty red soil land,i am planning to grow mango tree in it , at present no water facility in land , i can irrigate for the mango plants using tractor or using some other resource. what type of mango plant can i keep,what is the procedure for...
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    DC solar pump

    DC solar pumps Hai, I am interested in the DC solar pumps pls send me a details of the 2 hp,3 hp and 4 hp pump. contact, MRG Farms
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    DC solar pump

    Hai, I am interested in the DC solar pumps pls send me the details of the 2 hp,3 hp and 4 hp pump. contact:
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    farm land in tamilnadu

    Hai i am interested to buy dry or agri land in vellore district. if u have any land in vellore please contact budget is maximum 3lkhs per acre
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    Wanted land (dry or agriculture) in vellore district

    Hai all, I am planning to buy agriculture or dry lands on road side. Budget is 2 to 4 lakhs per acre.Locations preferred gudiyatam ,pernambut and ambur surroundings. Please contact on 9952773267 or
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    dung for sale

    i am interested hai i am from pernambut,i am planning to buy dung for my land.your price details is not clear please mail the price details to thanks regrads -dinesh
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    neelam mango for sale

    Hai, i have neelam mango(medium size) for sale(about 20 Tons).my mango orchard is located in ambur near vellore district. Rate of mango is RS 12 per Kg.Interested persons please contact us on 9952773267
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    wanted Dry land

    need dry or plain 10arces lands around vellore district(gudiyatham,pernambut,ambur). cost of the land should be less than 1,50000. contact:9952773267
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    need mango orchard

    need mango orchard for lease around vellore and chittoor district. contact:9952773267
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    We help you to export

    we have an hug amount of mango and coconuts with export quality please send ur company details
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    Wanted Raw Green Mango for Pickles

    what type of mangos u need? send me ur contact details? i have 2000 mango trees in my farm contact me