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    Wanted Urgently wanted export import license holders

    Urgently wanted import export license holder to export tender coconut to Romania. dheerajputhanveetil(at)
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    Wanted need contact numbers of beer waste suppliers in kerala

    Can this be used for poultry feed?
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    want to know the procedure for growing country chickens?

    Hi Sir, Thanks for the response. Please contact me through mail. This is my email address: Have a nice day! Dheeraj
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    Wanted I want to Start country chicken business

    Hi, Yes. I can guide you as I am already running a country chicken farm and also doing consultation regarding this. I supply country chicks and also do consultation regarding coop construction too. Moreover we prepare and supply the feed to our customers which is prepared according to the...
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    Moving from IT to Farming Business, Need Guidance!!

    Hi, All the best with your decision. For quick returns I think it would be better you go for mixed cultivation like free ranging chicks and in the land you can cultivate malayan dwarf coconut (they say we can start yields from 18 months, but I personally don't have experience in this as I have...
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    Wheat bran for sale for Rs.11 per kg in tamilnadu

    Hi, I would like to know whether you can send bulk quantity like 50 kg to kanyakumari district in the above said price since I own a poultry farm where I grow country chickens for laying purpose and I consistently need wheat bran for making poultry feed. I use only organic feed for my chicks...
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    Country chicken details required

    Hi, Whether you prefer chicks for egg or for meat? You can grow kairali variety of chicks. It's egg as well as meat is tasty and I personally grow this variety.
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    want to know the procedure for growing country chickens?

    Hi, Where are you from? I myself has a poultry farm of country chickens. I would advice for a simple beginning without taking loans of big amounts. If you have sufficient land, then you can go for it. You can text me for any advice and I am happy to help. I visit the fields of people who are...
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    Wanted i need country chicken eggs in chennai

    Hi, Is it for house purpose or for business purpose? I am a resident of Kanyakumari district where I have a small poultry farm and I have a customer circle who buy my farm fresh country eggs. My supply quantity is limited and I don't stock the product as I supply everyday harvest fresh and...
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    Starting New Poultry Farm

    Hi.. It would be better if you begin in a small manner with your own money in hand and not taking bank loans in the beginning itself. Since this is your first venture, there would be so much for you to learn and it would be convenient for you if it is a small farm. Once you are convenient, you...