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    dairy form for sale

    Dear Bharthi, Iwant to ask one thing that i want to open dairy business in next couple of year.... so, just want want to know that why are u selling your dairy farm, is u gone through the loss or less profit or something else. IF you are selling your dairy because of loss then please guide...
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    Murrah Buffalo for sale

    Dear Prateek, I am from Allahabad Uttar Pradesh and I wanna purchase 5-10 Young Murra buffalo who can give milk at least 12-20 litre milk per day. So, Kindly give your contactact detail. Mine contact detail is as perr below: Ratnesh Kesari
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    Want to purchase Meshani or Murra Buffelow

    Dear Seller, I want to purchase a 10 -25 high grade Buffalo. Buffalo should be young and long life.