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    For Sale Fresh Grey oyster mushroom

    We have a farm in the outskirts of south bengaluru and currently growing grey oyster mushrooms let me know if there is a requirement on regular basis. We are also supplying dry oyster mushroom.
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    Question Mushroom Farming can we make it sustainable

    Hello Everyone, This post is basically to collect information about mushroom farming right from designing a space efficiently to controlling the climate for good production, replacement of formalin or any other chemical for sterilization, spawn collection, compost making, finding right substrate...
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    Opportunity Wanted dealers/distributors of mushroom

    where is your farm located? what all varieties are you growing is it year around
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    For Sale Dry Cow dung sale (bulk)

    where are u based
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    Question Process to get electricity connection in Thally, Hosur

    hey you got ur connection? If not, i can help you out we recently got our connection. contact me
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    Wanted Farm land near Hosur

    Really tough to get at this budget, to be honest.
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    Wanted Farm Land for sale at Denkanikottai and surroundings

    Hi message me at this no 7760848622
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    Namma Farm - Quick Build Farm House

    Hello shankar, I am planning to build a natural house which is around 700 sq feet of area, it will be great if you have any information about the same. I talked to few people from thannal as well but it is not possible to be around while constructing.
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    Namma Farm - Quick Build Farm House

    hi shankar, could u please share your number want to ask few doubts my farm is in thally
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    Wanted Sesbania grandiflora (white/red), Gliricidia sepium seeds

    Hi I am looking for sesbania and gliricidia seeds from a local seed store in bangalore it is too costly online, cuttings of gliricidia also works for me ifsomeone is willing to give. Please help me.
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    Question Can we use casurina timber for fencing a permaculture farm

    I am building a permaculture farm, wondering if I can use casurina timber for fence, I am also planting live fence which will eventually grow in a year and cover the boundaries investing in stone fencing might cost a bit more. Please suggest
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    Wanted Fencing poles

    Hello shajath tried calling you lot of time your number is not reachable, my number is 7760848622
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    Wanted Fencing poles

    Hello, My land is located near thally, I am looking for a supplier for fencing poles which are of stones not cement. Please help me in finding a dealer. Found a supplier near hosur but he is asking a lot for poles + labour charges loading and unloading costs a lot.