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    Wanted Looking for organic menure for mango plantation

    Make your own manure for your mango orchid.
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    Wanted Wanted project report on cultivation of Mucuna Seeds & Moringa Seeds

    Hai sir Pls call me regard Mucuna cultivation & marketing. KMC BIO TECH KARNATAKA +91 9916178623
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    Wanted we want balaji lemon graft 30 Nos.

    Pls contact for lemon balaji plants. 9916178623
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    Need ideas for organic ways to control weeds

    Hallo Mr:xyz Pls contact for weed controle by organic method, it very useful nowadays, & very very rssential. Contact; 9916178623
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    Wanted I am looking for raw rudraksha beads

    We r supplying rudrashi,pls contact r mail me regard. 9916178623/9448423476
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    Please advise for the Ashwagandha Cultivation in U.P. West

    Hallo sir,. Pls contact for Ashwagandha cultivation & marketing details. 9916178623/9448423476 Kmc_bbb20@Yahoo.
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    I want to start farming of Aloe Vera in Bharuch District in Gujarat.

    Regard alovera & other crops cultivation contact-9916178623
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    farming of aloe vera and tulsi and aswaghanda

    Regard Ashwagandha cultivation, seed & market pls contact-9916178623
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    want to start biofertilizer plant

    Pls contact for bio fertilizer plant 9916178623
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    Want to start agriculture newly

    Hallo contact me, we will show you, how to cultivation start, which type of medicinal plants use full. 9916178623
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    Wanted I Want Colour Capsicum

    Pls contact regard above subjet 9916178623
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    How to start teak wood plantation , I m having 25acra land planing to start up teak wood Forum house

    For Teak wood & other valuable trees cultivation contact:9916178623 Karnataka
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    Wanted We need Coconut water supplier..urgent

    Contact for coconut & pomogranut-9916178623
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    Wanted Banana Tissue Culture Seedling Required

    Pls contact for tissue culture banana samplings at Bangalore area. 9916178623
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    Wanted we want medicinal plant project report for Gujarat

    Pls contact for medicinal plants & ayurveda. KMC BIO TECH-9916178623
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    Plantation of sagwan tree details required

    Sagwani or teek plants grows any type of soil, regard plants avilabality & other valubal plants pls contact. KMC BIO TECH-9916178623
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    Herbal farming training info required

    Not required for training u r all ready farming, if you want more details pls contact-9916178623-KMC BIO TECH