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    Cold Storage Project Report

    Please contact us at 09822394170 or email us at We can provide the required support.
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    Require vegetables and fruits

    Please specify the place where you would receive the delivery. Also let know varieties of vegetables, fruits so that there is a clear understanding.. You can reach us at 09822394170
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    Wanted to buy 1000 + acres at mahad

    You would not get bigger land parcels at one location that too sea touch... Also close to river would require permission from local authorities for flood line control demarcation. What is the farming project that you are planning? You can call us to discuss this and other important points...
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    Want to Buy Agriculture Land Near Pune or In KonKan

    Vinod.. Contact me at +91 9822394170. What is your total requirement of land. The bulk buy of land will bring down per acre cost and also the location. You can get good fertile land in Konkan for plantation. I will share more information after you contact me. Best regards. Sanjay
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    chili paste wanted

    Hi Bala... Please get in touch with us at 09822394170. I am based in Pune and we can arrange for the quantity and packings with required export certifications.. Regards.. Sanjay
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    Tender Coconut Water

    Mr Subramany I have sent you an e mail. Kindly reply to the email with details. Regards SANJAY JAGTAP
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    Subsidy Drip to All Farmers in INDIA.

    Pl contact me at +91 9822394170 or email me at,
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    Subsidy Drip to All Farmers in INDIA.

    One of my relative is looking for drip irrigation system for 110 acre land at 3 different locations in the same village. Can you identify and inform me at +91 9822394170 or email me at, Regards Sanjay
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    Tender coconut sale

    Can you quote price for Pune, Maharashtra delivery and also the quantity that can be delivered? Sanjay
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    Land at Devgad

    Recently I have also seen some land in Devgad and Sindhudurg for contract farming. The land costs vary based on road, power, water, manpower, nearness to urbanism, ownership, etc. Please call and we can discuss.
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    Sale - 20 Acre irrigated land with 3000 custard apple plantation

    Raju... Whats the price? How is approach road? Reg. fruit plants, have you tied up with any contract manufacturer/processor? Pl contact . We can meet in Pune and even visit the site.
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    wanted land

    Avinash We have certain lands fetching 1.5 lakh price. But lower the price would mean lower quality soil. It depends on what type of crop you are looking at. write to me
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    Goat Farm - Land Required !!

    We can help you identify location between Mumbai and Pune. Call us to know further details.
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    land purchase

    Bhatiaji, Konkan area is famous for horticulture like mangoes, cashews, etc. Certain parts of Maharashtra are known for Oranges, Custard Apples, Chikoo and Pomegranate. Please help us understand where you are planning your project. Write to us
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    wanted used dalmil,brick making mcn, gas generator

    What capacity gas generator needed? what is the application? We have provided gas genset with even biogas consumption. Write details
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    dapoli land for sale

    I am reaching Dapoli in morning of 17th December and leaving on 19th Dec. after noon. Can someone show the site? Pl call at +91 9822394170.
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    How big? Where is delivery expected? Pl write details
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    Want to Buy 500 acres of farm land anywhere India preferred south india

    We can help in Maharashtra. We were trying to send private message but your message box is full. Pl clear that. Feel free to call me .
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    wanted agri land

    We can help in Maharashtra. We are trying to send you private message with details but your message box is full.. send your email..
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    Business Venture for Wheat Flour Mills

    Instead of putting up a new plant, you can buy an existing plant either closed or half working and can start activities with early effect. Contact us