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    Agri-consultancy_on-farm services

    Dear Sir , Plase e-mail me ful list of services . Kaushik Valambhia
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    Dear Sir , Where can I get planting material for moringe drumsticks
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    Emu Farming Training

    Dear Sir , Please e-mail physical location of training centre Kaushik Valambhia
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    Agriculture projects

    Dear Sir , Please e-mail me list of project reports you have. Email Id ;
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    organic pesticide

    Dear Sir , Please e-mail me more
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    Spirulina cultivation

    Dear Sir , Please e-mil me your physaical address . I will be in India till 30/08/2010
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    Profitable high returns crops

    Dear Sir I am planning a visit to Haydrabad .Please e-mail me your physical address
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    Advertising Buyback offer for lemongrass cultivation...

    Dear Sir , Please let me know how much would you charge for one sapling of lemon grass ?
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    Sandalwood seedlings

    Dear Sir , What would you charge per seedling ? How many seedling are required for ancre ? What spacing would you reccomend?
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    chilli variety(color:154 ASTA;Pungency: 0.06% capssicine) for export

    Dear Sir , I it possible to sned seedsto me .I will pay for it.
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    Looking for turmeric rhizomes

    Dear Sir , I am looking for good quality rhizomes for termeic to plant in one acre land . Please e-mail me the cost .I have a local number in india till 28th August ,2010 : 9408006922
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    Jamun seeds for sale

    Dear Sir , Please send me seeds for one acre land.How much would it cost
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    Dear Sir , Please e-mail me more information.
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    biomass briquette reqd

    Dear Mr. Deepka Narayan , Can i see the machine ?
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    cosmo holograms and paper labels

    Dear Bashkar , Please e-mail me more information.
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    Focus on bio-pesticedes,contribute to green agriculture!

    Dear Sir , Please e-mail me price .ASAP
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    Disinfectant for Dairy & Food Processing Industry, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Dear Sir , E-mail me more information of your product. Kaushik Valambhia 9408006922 till 27th ugust ,2010
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    Ostrich Farming

    Dear Sir , Please e-mail me more information on Ostrich and Emu farming
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    Turmeric fresh finger seed

    Dear Sir , I want to grow one acre of termeric rhizomes .What would it cost me. Kaushik Valambhia +919408006922.
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    sell drip irrigation tape making machine

    Dear Sir , Pleasee-mail me some more information as to what it would cost to drip irrigate one acre tomato plantation etc . Kaushik Valambhia +919408006922 till 28th August ,2010.