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    Wanted Grass seed

    Hi, I am from Assam and I want to develop the lawn at my proposed resort near Kaziranga National Park
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    Wanted Grass seed

    Looking for Selection no. 1 grass seed for developing a 30,000 sq,ft lawn. Can anyone help? regards Shantanoo
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    Can any one guide me on farming on land which gets water logged during high flood?

    Dear Sri Ganesan Sir, Can I get some details on the Bhungroo method?
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    Can any one guide me on farming on land which gets water logged during high flood?

    Can any one guide me on farming on land which gets water logged during high flood? Flood water stays for a week or so and the flooding may occur 2-3 times during the monsoon season. The land is in Assam,very fertile and 16 acres in area. I would love to go for horticulture / cash crop. Help...
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    vetiver cultivation

    veiver cultivation Please contact me at personal email. or contact at
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    vetiver cultivation

    Looking for entrepreneurs with big plots of land, 500 acre and above for vetiver cultivation. Oil extraction, value addition to wastes generated. Rs. 3 lakh profit per acre per cycle. contact at
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    Sale for Panchakavya

    Dear Sir, Pl give me your contact address/ phone. I am interested in bulk buying. If possible pl mail me at regards shantanoo
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    Hydoponics capsicum

    Hi, I am also interested in hydroponic capsicum. Pl contact
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    Conversion of Non-Fertile lands to Fertile land

    Hi Thanks for sharing the information. I am involved in rehabilitating wasteland in Assam. Here waste land is mainly sandy- deposited by rivers during flood. Can something be done? kindly contact
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    Conversion of Non-Fertile lands to Fertile land

    You should go for groundwater recharging with vetiver. Vetiver will increase the microbial activities in the soil thus making it fertile. i can help you. shantanoo
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    If Anybody have 40+ Acre Land Contact for 100% Finance Power Projects

    I am interested in MSW project in Assam and Nepal. Land is no problem at all. How can I contact you? rehards shantanoo
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    Attack on Dhainchya

    dear sir, you should write to Valmiki. He has the answer. Very quick and economical solution shantanoo
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    flax seed

    I can supply organic flax seed regularly. Interested ones can contact me or mail me..
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    Innovators in need of "Financial Assistance"

    Hi Divya I am Shantanoo Bhattacharyya based in Assam. If you think Assam is NOT a place to avoid, you can contact me shantanoo
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    Indian Geo-tex for Sale

    Dear Mr. Thomas I am into largescale erosion control of hill slopes and river banks. Will you kindly send me some details and contact address please contact........ regards shantanoo
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    Zero Farming

    will you pl give me your contact phone no and email? I would like to visit you. shantanoo
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    Wanted BHUT JOLOKIA chilli

    please send me your contact details. shantanoo contact please........
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    Composting Technology 24 hours

    Dear Anton Will you kindly send me some details on your fast composting system? I plan to visit Singapore shortly. I am interested in setting up a 40 TPD municipal solid waste composting plant. regards shantanoo bhattacharyya Please contact....
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    Hydroponic Farming

    Dear Atul How can I contact you? can you sms your cell no regards shantanoo