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    I am located in Kudal in maharashtra
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    Country Chicken

    I am looking for buyers of Country Chicken. Righ now have a capacityof production of 500 per month Satpuda variety Country birds. Also have weekly production of 100 country eggs.
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    Wanted Country chicken regularly and in bulk

    I am breeding Country chicken in quantity of 800 every 3 months.. if there is a confirmed order I can increase the quantity.. please let me know the location you want in... Jos Farm is based in Kudal Sindhudurg Maharashtra...
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    i wish to cultivate Graviola fruit . Please give Info where I can get seeds or saplings,
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    Plastic bags for nursery purpose

    I need large size bags (Black Plastic for my plant nursery) Please advise suppliers in Konkan region especially in Sindhudurg district..
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    Jatropha Seeds

    do you have any training in Jathropha cultivation or any branches in Maharashtra where we can get training
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    I would like to cultivate stevia.. Please let me know how and where i can get the stevia seeds or saplings
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    Goat form

    Where is the location of your land for the goat farm
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    Walking Tractor LGN-12K on sell

    Please quote johnspinto at .. urgently require please tell price
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    Free Dairy Farm Project

    please send the report.. Highly Obliged
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    Sheeps and goats available

    give the price give me detail about price.
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    Now Ashwagandha is easily available for Sell

    Please quote Please quote for the ashwagandha
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    Dealers Wanted / District wise all over India

    Kudal Sindhudurg Maharashtra contact please..
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    wind mill for sale

    Please quote
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    Idea for aloevera

    Plant Teak instead If you have land with water . Teak is a better option... aloe vera may not work
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    State level Distributors are invited for a wonderful Agri-business

    Interested to use your products Dear Sir. I am interested in using the products. I am sending you a email separately please Respond John Pinto
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    Want to start goat farming

    contact me I can set up the farm for you on consultancy basis. Assured returns. Call on or reply with your cell no John Jo's Farm
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    Be a Millionaire with Teak Plantation

    Teak Can you tell me where i can get good quality Dandeli teak . saplings or seeds. Regards, John
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    Breeding Goats For Sale

    Need a Lot of 40 female/4male Please Quote Lumpsum and delivery time