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    Inviting Partners for Dairy Farming Project in Bangalore.

    HI, It is very nice to know that lots of IT people are interested in Agri based projects. I am also a Techi working for Infosys as Tech Lead and moving in the same line. I already Initiated my Pilot Project on Dairy farming with Just 2 cows to start with. If you really need any guidence of...
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    Dairy project investment

    Name:- Santhosh Area:- Sira, Tumkur Karnataka State:-Karnataka Total Live stocks:--3 Live stocks production capacity-- 40-50 Lts a day Approximate budjet-- Nil
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    How many of you interested in Agar tree cultivation?

    Here is the Detailed information of AGAR Plantation on 1 Hectare = 2.5 Acre This PDF has the detailed Cost from Plantion till the reaping of Agar oil and agaru or agarwood i.e 15 years. Please follow the link below. Please contact.........
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    How many of you interested in Agar tree cultivation?

    Need more information on: Cultivation practices, Invenstments and return.
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    Biogas Products

    Would like to know more Details, Price to setup and requirements. Please drop an E-mail to my mail ID or provide the details here please contact........
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    High Yeild Areca breeds in and Around tumkur/Bangalore

    I would like to start Arecanut Planation in 1 acre would prepare to go for Good yeilding recently developed Hybrid Variety. Requesting to provide the Varieties information and the Plantion preparations fertilizers requirement along with the yield per acre.Infy Information or conatct info of the...
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    Question Mushroom cultivation in Tumkur

    I would like to know is there any company supplying Mushrooms seeds and buy back the Mushrooms on agreements or where to get the Mushroom Seedsd and marketing in tumkur. Thanks In Advance.
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    Integrated Farming in Karnataka..

    Thanks for the reply. To start with Horticulture Promegranate and pappaya in 4 acres I need a plan How many Pomegranate samplings and how many pappaya samplings can be grown. Please share the plan if any. Thanks In Advance.
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    Integrated Farming in Karnataka..

    Does any one having any kind knowledge/Experience in Integrated farming like Dairy/poultry or Horticulture (Pomegranut/papaya) requesting to share it here. I would like to start the Integrated farming in my 10 Acres borewell irrigated land in south Karnataka. Any Kind of information...