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    Paddy ir-64

    I have available good seed of PADDY IR-64 with good grading in HYDERABAD. If requried contact on my ID: 08712151766
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    GUAR SEEDS @ low price strait from Andhra pradesh farmer

    Guar SEED What is price for minimum Kg 500.
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    I have available following vegetable seeds & cont Hybrid Sponge Gourd White / Dark Green, Hybrid Bhindi (OKRA), Hyb. Tomato
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    YHBRID OKARA (Ladiesfinger)

    I have available YHBRID OKARA (Ladiesfinger)- Good quality, fresh, above 90% germination. Plant Erect, Strong medium tall plant with productive branches Fruit harvesting starts 40-45 days after sowing Fruit Attractive dark green fruits Average fruit size is 10-11cm. Average fruit weight is...
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    gaur seeds

    I avialable seed of guar seeds for cultivation. Thanks
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    Guar (Guar Gum) Cultivation

    Cultivation of GUM Guar Pl. provide the detaild of Gum Guar. Thanks