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    Sale of agriculture land at vikravandi

    we have two acre land near l endathur [uttiremerur] acre 9 lakhs with well pumpse free curent if interest call 9841396762
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    agriculture land near bangalore

    i need three acrec please call 9841396762,or mail
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    Redlady papaya sapling & seeds.

    i am agri from chennai let me know about papaya seeds and how many plants for one acre
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    please send me details to contact to
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    Land for sale

    is there any agiland please call 9841396762
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    4.5 acres agri land for sale in (Kanchipuram)

    sir i am interest in buying this land can send sms to 9841396762
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    For sale 6.5 acres land in mysore

    let me know the cost price
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    Need Farm Land

    two acre land for sale with free current motor, and big well ,near utiremerur interest please mail
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    Want Agri Land 3-5 acres around Chennai

    prakassh sir now price increase day by day in utrimerur if interest some negotiable, tkank you pandia
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    want 50 cent to 1 acre agriculture land

    i having two acre land with free current motor with well near utiremerur rs 9 lac per acre interest call 9841396762 pandian
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    Want Agri Land 3-5 acres around Chennai

    two acre land near utriamerur per acre 9 lakh with electric motor and well
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    farm land for sale in coimbatore

    let me know the price
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    land for sale

    land for sale land is dry land,paddy,sugarcane,grownut,etc can be cultivated it 11km from utiramerur and 3km from state high way [utirameruer to acharapakkam ]name of the village is chinna allapakkam interest contact 9841396762
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    land for sale

    i having two acre land with pumpset ,well,near utiremerur,cost price 9 lakh per acre if interest call 9841396762
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    hf cows we deal in high quality hf cows contact 08826568192

    please mention cost price ,and the place
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    17 acres, 50 acres and 20 acres in Thiruvallur District. On 100ft road...

    hello i am pandian interest in buying agriland two acre with pump set ,well in low budjet ,please mail me thank you pandian
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    Agricultural land available for sale in Chittoor district

    i am from tamil nadu let me know price can we use paddy,vegtable flowers, send email
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    Tissue culture Banana and Parwal.

    sir i need 100 plants i want to try i am from tamilnadu
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    Looking for partners and investors

    plant mango trees after three years you can earn easily