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    Production In-charge for Bio Fertilizer & Bio-Pesticides Factory

    I have 18 yrs of experience as desired .pl. contact
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    pl. contact 09823068019/prashantraut.!
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    Required Consultant for pomegranate farming

    consultant for pomo. Dear sir, I can help u in Pomo. I am having 16 yrs of consulting experience of consultation. Pl. contact on mob.9823068019
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    Aloe Vera

    Where are u located? I am interested in leaves. Pl contact
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    Organic Biofertilizer, Biocides for all Crops and Garden Nutrient

    ur product Pl send me all the tec. details with prices
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    SEA-CROP 100% organic plant growth stimulator and micronutrient

    ur product I am very much interested in ur product. contact
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    want biopest

    U can help u. contact
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    Wanted micronutrients mixture for sweet oranges and citrus plantation

    micronutrient We can supply U Protin chilated Micronutrients, for folier as well as soil application.Pl cotact we can send u the detail technical details with price. prashant
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    Humic acid required

    humic acid Dera sir, We can supply U all the products U need.Like Hunic acid, Seaweed extracts, Neem oil formulations etc.Plus we have certain 100%organic Plant growth Regulators,and herbal extracts,for disease management.Pl call
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    require dashparni arka and jeevamrut and other organic products

    dashparni arka Yes, we can supply.Not only this but we have no.,of other organic products we have been supplying these to number of farmers,polyhouses .You may contact9823068019/
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    Consultants for Pomegranate Cultivation

    consultancy I am an Agro consultant working for last 12 yrs and consulting pomo.,grapes,sugarcane,banana,flori.,You may contact o
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    agro inputs

    we manufacture no. of agro inputs.The consultancy available.The products r Neemkaranj oil emulsion with nutraciticals,nitrobenzin with amino acids,plant growth promoters,stickers like Apsa 80,Tricontenol 0.01%EC etc.Pl contact
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    For Sale 100%certified organic jaggery

    we can supply 100% certified organic jaggery,wherein the input,the sugarcane,the plant and the final product Jaggery is organicaly certified.packed in 1/2kgs and 1kgs,in soilid,granuals and powder
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    want cow urine distilled

    organic liquid booster Dear sir, Pl send me the details of organic liq. booster,alonwith price and technical
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    Organic agro booster

    ur message pl send me the price and packing details on
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    Ningnanmycin, Emamectin benzoate TC and SG

    ur message pl send the details
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    fungicide, pesticide

    ur message Pl cotact me, we require
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    Sale Ningnanmycin, Emamectin benzoate TC

    ur message I am contact me.