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    Organic ginger in field ready for sale in May 2018

    Pls contact for organic ginger available during May 2018 for sale at College of Horticulture, Mysuru Also available Insulin plants Tulsi plants Ribbon grass Dahlia Mysurur mallige plants pls Contact:
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    I have planted organic ginger in an area of 300 m2. If anyone is interested to buy pls contact in advance. pls mail
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    For Sale Shatavari yellow & white, Tejpat, Sagwan,Tulsi,Stevia, Sarpagandha seed & seedlings available

    If u give me some time i will produce and sent to u. I mean 2 months
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    Question Where can I find farmers who cultivate organic vegetables, fruits etc in Madurai, Tamilnadu

    If u are interested in organic ginger pls contact me.8277450160
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    For Sale Shatavari yellow & white, Tejpat, Sagwan,Tulsi,Stevia, Sarpagandha seed & seedlings available

    Pls contact for Tulsi, Mysore mallige (jasmine), tuberose seedlings at COH, Mysuru. 8277450160
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    For Sale herbs seed and seedlings with buy back

    If u will buyback im ready to take seeds from u for our College of Horticulture Mysuru area pls revert back to me
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    For Sale Available ginger, jasmine, tuberose, tulsi

    If anyone is interested to buy organic ginger pls book it now for ur supply in January. If any one is interested in aromatic plants pls book it now itself. If anyone is interested for buy back of aromatic plants pls write so that i can produce better planting material My address is College of...
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    Wanted to start-up basil farming

    if u need planting material of Basil pls contact me 8277450160
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    Wanted Wanted saffron bulbs needed

    in which area are u located madam.ill help u
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    Question Need suggestions to start-up orchid cultivation

    Where are u located madam. U can come to College of Horticulture Mysore.ill guide u
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    Need guidance for dragonfruit cultivation

    Sir u pls contact Swamy Sir. Professor Fruit Science.College of Horticulture Mysuru
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    Wanted Wanted job - I have done BSc agriculture.

    which year are u
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    mulching sheets for mango farm

    Hello Sir Mulching in mango can be done using mulching sheet of 25 microns. U can spread the mulch at a distanve of 90feet from the tree trunk in a roung fashion and put soil to make it stay strong. or u can go for organic mulch such as rice straw, or simple dried leaves soaken in cowdung...
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    Paddy cultivation

    Ok Sir How can v help u...pls put ur query
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    consult to start an ice cream plant

    Hello Sir Of how much capacity are u are planning to establish The main steps in the production of ice cream are: Boiling of milk followed by Cooling,Chilling of milk,Mixing of milk, sugar, flavors and other ingredient into semi-solid paste form and Freezing, hardening & packaging. U may not...
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    I want to start Poultry Farm

    Hello sir, Do under go some training before starting and it is better to do contract than individual farming as lot of risk is minimized in contract they will provide inputs,medicine and buy your birds on pre-dicided price. Cost includes Rs.35-70/sq.ft,Rs.15/chick,Feed cost is...
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    Sprinkles system is used to cultivate corriander

    Hello sir, Drip irrigation is beneficial than sprinkler because lot of water requirement and pump is required to pump the water through sprinkler,the water droplets are stronger in case of sprinkler so the coriander is very tender may damage the leaves so go far drip which cheap and good compare...
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    Wanted to cultivate Aloevera and Manufacture Value Added Products from it

    Hello sir, cultivation of alovera and manufacture of alovera based products is two different aspects , you chose any one activity you produce or manufacture because both are investment oriented,to establish manufacture unit you cant keep quite every day your unit should run and process 50 kg of...
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    Hydroponic And Aquaponic Systems

    Hello sir, what is the reason behind planning hydroponic systems just for the sake of interest or have you faced any problem in soil culture, hydroponic systems are costly and maintenance is costly as of now in India hydroponic and aqua phonic is in research field only. initial cost will be...
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    Cauliflower Plantation from seedling

    Hello Sir pls contact vegetable experts Dr. Naresh 9035384833 or Dr. Prakash 9972714647