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    Niger seeds

    Re: Niger Seed we are traders from Karnataka. Kindly PM your contact details.
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    White Sorghum

    We are traders from Karnataka. Please mention place of delivery, Packing etc. PM your contact details. Regards.
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    need grains buyer

    Hi, We are traders of Maize from Karnataka. We are interested to buy maize. Please Quote your price ex-works for 16 Tons. Please inform your contact details by PM. Thanks, Vasanth
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    Sunflower Seeds required in Bulk

    I require in multiples of 10 Tons or 16 Tons. Please quote your Price F.O.R. Bellary, Karnataka.
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    Sunflower Seeds required in Bulk

    We require Striped Sunflower seed for human consumption in truck loads. Kindly PM your contact details Thanks, vasanth
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    Need help regarding Veterinary Medicines

    Hi All, I wish to know more about Veterinary Medicines. Please PM your contact detials, if you are a retired Veterinary Sales Reps or Veterinary Doctor with Poultry Farms. I wish to know more about Poultry & Swine medicines & Feed Additives. I Clearly specify retired because, I am interested...
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    Jaggery,jaggery powder ,sugar candy&ground nut -wanted

    Hi, Please state whether you require these products for Domestic / Export. Please PM Your contact details. We are traders from Bellary, Karnataka, Thanks, Vasanth
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    Wanted Distributors for Organic Agrochemical company.

    Hi, Please PM your contact details. I am from Bellary, Karnataka.
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    looking 4 distributor/trader/agent

    Hi, Please PM me your mail id. So that we can discuss about your company's products. I reside in Karnataka, India. Thanks, Vasanth
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    any one want leather products with wholesale price

    Please PM me Details. I am interested
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    Chickpeas wanted...

    Need More Details Please Specify Quality (Annigeri, Gulabi, JJL), (90-10, 80,20 etc,) & Packing details for quoting Regards, Vasanth
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    Sunflower seeds Required in Bulk

    Striped Sunflower / White Sunflower seeds required in Bulk. Please PM me your Rates Ex-Works. Thanks, Vasanth
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    Yellow Millet Required

    Quantity can be 16 tons per consignment
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    Yellow Millet Required

    Hi All, Yellow Millet, also called Korralu in Telugu, Navani in Kannada, required in bulk quantities. Traders as well as Farmers can PM Me. Thanks, mallinathbly