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    Olive plants

    Hello, I would like to know from bulk traders if Olives (Green and Purple color) can be provided in Quantities of 17 to 20 Tonnes a day on regular basis. If any trader can, please send us a private message. Regards Ashy
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Kishore wat u mean by places Erachakulam and Chunkankadi ...where are they and how far are they form Nagercoil.... and are these places for u mean Selling or cheaper places to buy the Calf?????
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    Software Professionals Turned Farmers

    SW professionals....wat u mean professional? is Bill Gates a Software professional? so.... who r the professionals then?????
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Well let me ask if this was profitable...bought a Jersey Bull on Monday for 7500 and today Thursday sold it for rupees 9000, and other cost including feeding for 4 days would be 250 rs. so in 4 days an amount of 1250 rupees is a good profit? ...we do not breed...we do not fatten....we only buy n...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Aumsairam, U r right...this would not suit everyone. But wat we are noticing is the price is averaging 100 per kg and the market is doing from 80 to 100 rs. so...wat are faced is for the past few week we have been offered a price for some animals. And most of them only showed us a profit of...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Kishore... Thanks for ur words would also mean a lot if u could let know the approximate Price for a calf of 100, 125, 150 Kgs and does the 6 month calf come into this 6 month category. We do purchase the calf from Valliyur market and travel all the way to Nagercoil...cos buying from...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    well.....can anyone suggest the weight gain of a Jersey bull from its 5th how many KGs can we expect out of the bull a month. Wat i heard was from 25 to 40 Kgs a month and that which depends on the feed intake and the quality of feed provided. Can any one pls suggest on the same...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Pratheek.....i am speaking of Bulls not Cows. And im not into Dairy farm....mine is striclly Meat Bulls....i think my heading was MEat Cows...sorry.....its MEat BULLS i mean the male version of the animal....sorry about ur concerns Best Regards Ashy
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Prateek, I do understand the political hindrance, but we have number of muslims residing in the country...and their choice of meat is Beef... next to Lamb. And I have to let u look into wat is Kerala doing at the Meat segment. I can Source this site for ur reference...but this is an export...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Well ur point is correct as the country has low preference towards this meat. So resulting in only Kerala to be the potential market. The farm is situated close to Trivandrum i mean less than 60 KM. And most of the cattle and buffalo meat to Kerala is brought from Tamlinadu and neighboring...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Sri Kumar...u are perfectly right, the market in Tamilnadu is perfectly low. Let me also say The farm is located at Nagercoil less than 60 KM to Trivandrum. And this is were the market lies. We have seen animals being loaded on to lorries and taken down to Kerala. Can anyone gime the prices of...
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Well....i do understand...the ignorance ....but....if u can comment...ideas and experience can be well exchanged
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Well though people have read this post...why have they stayed away from a reply.....Please reply so to get any better.
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    Meat Cows - A Potential Market

    Well...I, we have heard people grow cows for milk, and see the dairy market grow rapidly. Unlike this dairy cows is there a potential market for Meat Cows. We are considering to swap over from meat goats to Meat Cows due to climatic conditions as recommended by the Doctors. We do not see...
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    Start Goat Farming Business

    Coastal districts are...a major concern for this business....until or unless ur SHEDS are Fully Covered to protect the herd from cold air hiting the herd during the rainy season ...otherways its not a problem....if u can get a good covered protection and proper ventilation in the rainy...
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    Goat Farms

    Ill ask u to just Stick to KUWAIT
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    Gaot farm

    Malabari is great too wat do u say Rohit ?
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    Goat farm

    ur invest ment depended on who u r and wat u wanna do...but 2 goats are good to start with to observe for 2-3 months and see wats going on..this is from Scratch... ONce ur at this on the 4th month on u can start adding a few numbers each month...
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    goat farming

    Good with out knowing anything how did u decide on going for 200 to 400?
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    Maize silage

    Can some one specialized in Silage process...please let us know the importance and benefits in Silage Feeds. Regards Ashy