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    Guide to do 'Contracting farming' and a venture in post-harvest mgmt, processing & mktg/export

    I am an horticulture professional from Andhra Pradesh. I am interested to do 'Contracting farming' and a venture in post-harvest management, processing & marketing/export of value added products which I will procure the raw fruits from co-farmers. I have gone thru some interesting suggestions...
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    Wanted Need a like-minded partner from Nellore District.

    I am the producer of some seasonal fruits like Mango, Guava n papaya etc., located in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh. Instead of selling the raw produce in open market itaelf would like to set up a processing unit(MSME) to add more value n shelf life to market globally. Looking for some one...
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    Need expert guidance in processing horty fruits

    I am a producer of some horty fruits like mango, guava, papaya from Andhra Pradesh. Instead of selling them as raw fruits would like to add some value to enhance its quality n shelflife. Interested in homemade chocolates with true fruits jelly rather than just flavours. Any suggestions...
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    Wanted Wanted Assured Quality graftings for Apple Ber & Dragan fruit varieties

    Looking forward for genuine nurseries who can supply 100% assured quality graftings for Apple Ber n Dragon fruit by June/July-2017. Kindly give the quotation for the same. Thanks, Ram
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    Looking for trading associates

    Thanks for your response Mr. Agarwal jee. At present we have about 2 tons of Royal Punasa (vegetable variety) is ready to harvest. Kindly find out the appropriate market for the same. Thanks
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    Looking for trading associates

    Hi, Now I became the full time horticulturist after retiring from IT sector. I have been producing Mango, Guava, papaya as main seasonal fruits n rare fruits like water Apple, star fruits, Malayan Cherry n others for the past 2 yrs. Unlike conventional trading of my produce, would like to...
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    Agarwood for dry lands

    Hello friends, Can I plant 'Agarwood' as the intercrop in a mango garden, which is irrigated under drip? We have got sufficient water resources, but its a dry land and temporatures may reach - upto 40-43 during summer. As we are interested on any high value medicinal/wood...
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    Wanted agarwood, silver oak & sandalwood seeds/seedlings

    Need agarwood seeds for 1 acre and silver oak, gaint neem & sandalwood seeds for 10 acres (mixed). Kindly let me know the appropriate price per kilogram and how much quantity required for each acre. Thanx in advance. Ram