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    Land Required Looking 2 acres of land for contract farming of aromatic plants for 4 years

    Hi, We are looking two acres of land in Kadur Taluk for contract forming upto 4 years for Aromatic plants growing as inter crop in Coconut plantation OR Plain cultivated land with water Borewell facility. Interested farmers / land holders may respond with their expected offer price per...
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    Hi, Are you a serous trader/farmer/Agent/ ? Please respond

    Hi, Are you a serous trader/farmer/Agent/ ? Please respond
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    For Sale Jasmine Flower

    Dear Mr. Shanmuga, Happy to contact you. Let me know your location/ contact address of your farm/office form where Jasmine saplings are suplied. I am interested to start jasmine flower cultivation in our native Kadur Taluk, Karnataka, if it is feasible and commercially profitable. share your...
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    For Sale Oil maker machine

    Please share the product specification, photo and quote. Which are the oil seeds can be processed from your machine
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    For Sale Farmar Looking for buyers for Bruccoli.

    Hi Ravi kiran, Let us discuss. please contact me.
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    For Sale rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash

    DO you still supply Rice Husk pellets ? can it be used/suitable as bio fuel? What is the offered price and delivery location? Appreciate your response
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    Let me know how it is supplied ? I mean in paste form OR Juice form? . What is the shelf life ? is it packed in air tight bottle? Can it consumed directly OR need to be used in food preparation ? please provide Packing Qty and Price...
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    For Sale Dairy Products such as Milk Powder , Desi Ghee, Cream , ...

    I am likely to start small ice cream making facility with adding fresh fruit pulps for supplying directly to houses on order based . I have seen in foreign countries, they use ready to use cream milk directly into the ice cream churner machine to make fresh Ice cream . I am interested to buy...
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    For Sale Dried Black Grapes

    Still Available? Is it with seeds ? Qty Available ? If it is seedless and sweet we are interested @ Rs. 180/ kg
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    For Sale Coconut buyer

    Waiting your response.
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    For Sale Paddy or rice

    Hi Mr. Anil. Is Vasundhara type is good for Raw rice making ? Do you grow regularly this Paddy ? How much you grow in a year ? I am looking for making Puri ( Puffed rice) . Please let me know. No response from your end.
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    For Sale Broken wheat for sale for Rs.15 per kg in Tamilnadu

    Is it cleaned ? Is it Dalia ? Is it edible for human consumption? OR to be used for cattle feed ? How old it is ? Do you get this as by product in your process? Please let us know ...
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    For Sale 100 % broken rice available for sale

    No response from your end. Is it from same type of paddy/rice ? I mean it is mixture of all many rice types OR one Rice Variety? Is it cleaned ? What is the price ? delivery location? We need to check whether it can be used in Extrusion. ?
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    For Sale Selling of guava

    Let us know is it white ( I.e Allahabad safeda) OR Pink colour ? Where is delivery location? What is offered price ?
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    For Sale Radio Frequency dryer

    Is your company active now since your posted date in 2012.? we need to dry whole coconuts without breaking as Ball kopra. please let me know your company website contact details .
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    For Sale Asafoetida: Hing , Kabuli dana , afghanistan hing , irani hing , kayam , ferula asafoetida

    please let us know is it in pure paste form or processed with other ingredients ? can we understand you supply in paste form in Kg package? please confirm & respond promptly .
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    For Sale Good quality of fresh rose flower available everyday

    Hi, Do you have only roses. OR other flowers also. I am exploring to get all types of flowers offered to God to be stored in cold room for retail sale. Where is the delivery point. What is price and Qty available, Let us know
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    Question Screw-Type Briquettes Production

    Hi, What is your expected production capacity from 22 Kw Motor ? What is the production capacity you are getting at present? May be Heat loss? Can you share photo /Video of your Running machine ? Is your machine can make pellets using sugarcane Bagasse, coconut Husk Powsder ? you can contact
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    For Sale Thulasi(Krishna Thulasi and Black Thulasi) Oil

    Please let us know the price per Liter and how much qty and delivery location