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    want a agri land in anywhere in Mahabubnagar Dist

    give me more details about this land, where exactly located in kodaikanal, what is the price?
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    agri and for sale

    please share the information with me.
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    Coffee Estate in Magamalai for sale

    Annachi, pl. give me your phone number.
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    want to purchage farm land

    pl. send me the details of the land.
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    I want to sell 10 acres of Rubber plantation at Kottayam, Kuravilangad

    What is the min price you wanted to get rid off, I will gather few friends, i will buy it. Thank you, Ram.
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    Coffeeland sale

    Hello Nathan, I am planning to do the goat farming. Looking for a land kodai hills area. My max budget is 1.5 lacs per acre. maximum i can buy 15 acres. Pl. contact me at
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    8-Acres Agriculture Land for Sale (Suitable for Dairy Farm)

    pl. let me know your email & phone & price of the land.
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    8-Acres Agriculture Land for Sale (Suitable for Dairy Farm)

    Is it still available, also the price per acre?
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    3.5 acres of black pepper estate in kodaikanal hills

    Hi, I am coming to India coming week, Pl. give me your phone number pl.
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    For sale lands near arakkonam thiruthani 60 km from chennai

    pl. mail me the price at
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    20 to 2000 acres Land available in TamilNadu

    Looking at 20 - 200 acres at rate of 10000 to 20000 neartanjore,karur,musri.kovai,pollachi. pl. connect me with
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    More than 100 acres of Virgin forest land for 1.5 lakhs per acre

    Pl. provide full details to
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    land for sale in kodaikanal

    pl. send me the details to
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    Well developed 21 acres farm land for sale

    Let me know location, rate & other details. Need more information, pl. send to
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    Agri Land for sale @ pollachi

    Hi, I am intersted to buy some agri land with cheap pricess, pl. let me know your phone number.