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    Farmhouse-Agricultural land for sale in coorg

    Sir, We are a group of friends who are interested. Please send details
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    6.5 acres of agri land for sale at mysore

    Sir, I am interested. Please give complete details.
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    Dry weather farming

    Hi, I am interested in dry weather farming. Since rains fail and there is no suffiicient water for crops to grow, can anybody help with ideas of what to grow. The plants should be able to grow with very little water and hot sun. The produce should also be marketable so as to sustain myself...
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    3 acre agricultutre land for sale @ kodagu(Madikeri)

    interested in your land Dear Sir, Please give complete details of your land, like location, road access what i existing , water source, etc. I will contact you and we could try and take it forward. Regards Murali
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    2.1 Acre Farm land available in KGF, Karnataka

    Interested Sir, Please let me know of the water table. Distance from nearby village, town and the price of the land. How old are the eucalyptus trees ? how many trees are there. Please reply asap.
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    2 acres 38 guntas farmland on the banks of river Kabini for sale, near Mysooru.

    Interested sir< please tell me what is the price. Is labour available what are the type of population in the surrounding. how far is this land from the nearest village /town. does mobile phone work ? How much land gets flooded during rainy season ? Please write Thanks and regards