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    Agro Shredder Machine

    Please contact me at and gice the details like the cost of the shredder, its capacity, dimentions,required power etc.iF POSSIBLE ATTACH A VIDEO FOR INFORMATION. Thank you bhani 09830026527
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    coconut shell charcoal

    kindly quote the price for for 70 tons per month requirement cif...Kharagpur/ Howrah. manmohan bhani kolkata
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    1200 spirulina capsules @ Rs. 1000/- only

    yes I am interested on trial basis....please contact for details... Kolkata
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    Solar Fans & Air Coolers

    Hi Pl. send your details with price, ur contact No. etc
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    Biomass Pellets of 10mm size

    we deals in biomass briquettes of 90 mm. and getting inquiries for pellets also. please send the details of your products - raw materials, cal. value, quantity and rate at Kolkata. please call . Thank you. Manmohan
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    Acacia Firewood in bulk quantities

    quote location or call regards bhani
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    Acacia Firewood in bulk quantities

    Please give the location and its rate.please call me:
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    Biomass Briquettes for sale from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

    we are a trader of briquette fuel, based in Howrah West Bengal.Please give your contacts and other details and price on regular basis.
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    Available wood charcoal

    about charcol please share details and your location. Thanks Manmohan
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    Loan to purchase waste land for cultivation

    please write about your location and what you want to plant and for what area of land etc Thanks Manmohan kolkata
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    Distributors for the Honey Leaf- Stevia Extract ( Stevioside)

    Stevia Extract Dear sir we are interested in distribution of the honey leaf dry product for eastern region. Kindly send the details with price and your terms.certification details are also required with samples. Thanks and regards Manmohan Bhaniramka
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    100% Biodegradable & 100% Compostable Mulch Film and Nursery Bags

    your products Hallo Mr.Trivedi nice to know about your products. we are supplying these nursery bags as well as bean bags to different departments of government. Please give the details of your whole product range as well as about your company. Thanks Manmohan Bhaniramka
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    Require raw material for briquette plant (ground nut shells,soya stalk,mustard etc.

    hi hi shiyaji i am also looking for the raw material of briquatte. can you give the details. thanks manmohan, Kolkata
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    We are Supply Bio Coal/White Coal

    about briquatte/pallate please provide the details of your product with price of briquettes. we can take approx. 150 M.Tons p.m. Manmohan, Kolkata THANKS
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    2000 sticks of golden bamboo

    golden bamboo hi can elaborate some more information and pictures of it. Thanks Bhaniramka
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    Needed Red Sandalwood Logs

    red sandal Mr. bishnu the material available with us but so far i know it can't be exported from india. Please contact if you have other me
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    Seaweed powder -sale in bulk

    about seaweed we are interested in your product.please send the details. Thanks Bhani
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    JIGAT required

    about jigat we can supply the same from north east in powder form. please quote your requirements and rate and destination. thanks manmohan
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    all kinds of roofing and fencing solutions at low cost

    about fancing hi laxmi this is about fencing and shedding work of my site near to Kolkata. The fencing of about 4 bigha of land, where as a low cost shed required for about 4000 sq. ft. area with a minimum 14'0 height. please suggest your cheap and best options/ me thanks manmohan