Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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    For Sale Mango farm for sale which is 80km from Hyderabad

    interested, price please.
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    Wanted Goats milk needed in Hyderabad

    We are in need of goats milk at Hyderabad. Please revert if any of you are can or interested. Thank you.
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    Xeriscaping Thanks sir for this very useful information. A boon to landscapers during these days of water shortages and morover a very desireable practice. Thank you once again. Best Regards
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    Committed to natural farming

    good day smt. veena, thanks so much for sharing all those informative articles. hope to see more in future. best regards
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    cutting tree - NOt planting it back

    i believe, it should always be, we the people. nobody else will do it for us and we will do it.
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    Sale of Agriculture Land 120km from Hyderabad

    kindly let me know the price and brief idea of the location thanks