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    wanted oyster mushroom spawn

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Please contact for your requirements of oyster mushroom seeds at this e mail address. contact please........ Thank you with regards. mushrooms.
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    oyster mushroom spawn wanted huge level

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- we are ready to supply any quantity of oyster mushroom spawn. please contact in mail address Thankyou mushrooms
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    buyers of oyster mushroom

    bulk mushrooms reg.., ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please tell us your supply rate per kg along with supply quantity in kgs per day. Thank you. Mushrooms.
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    10people frm every state

    wanted 10 people from every state Please send me the details and enrol my name, I am from chennai. contact please........ Thank you.
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    Consultancy for Mushroom Plant

    regarding cultivation of oyster mushrooms we can provide complete details about cultivation of oyster mushrooms.
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    Become a power project agents/distributors, 11 type profits ,join and earn lacks++

    Become a power project agents Sir, I am interested in you project. kindly send me the details for further action. Please contact......... Thank you with regards Mushrooms.
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    "mushroom enterpreneur please support"

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- please submit your sample then we fix the rate, if you supply in continues on an agreement basis. thank you.
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    mushroom at home

    Please give your phone number & address, where you are starting cultivation of mushrooms? Thank you Antony. Chennai
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    spirulina mother culture for sale

    Dear Sir, Please send the prices of Spirulina Mother Culture and Spirulina Powder to my email, Thank you with regards Antony. Chennai.
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    Emu Eggs Wanted

    Emu eggs sir, please give your details to supply the emu eggs. How many quantity you are required per month/year. To which place we have to deliver the emu eggs. Ofter recive your details we send terms and conditions Thank you with regards Antony