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    We can supply you sandalwood plants..mail me : ph:9885869535

    We can supply you sandalwood plants..mail me : ph:9885869535
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    For Sale Ashwagandha seeds, sarpagandha and ananthmool plants

    Ashwagandha seeds 45/- kg
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    For Sale Ashwagandha seeds, sarpagandha and ananthmool plants

    We are ready to supply Ashwagandha seeds, sarpagandha and anantmool plants for ths season. Interested farmers contact us..
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    For Sale Ashwagandha/ Akarkara seeds for sale

    We have with us 10tons Ashwagandha seeds... If you are in need of the same. Please contact me.
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    We can supply...

    We can supply...
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    Wanted Farmers to cultivate medicinal plants with buy back

    We can provide different types of medicinal crops. Such as Ashwagandha, muskdana,sarpagandha, ananthmool etc., . And also we purchase the same crops on bulk.
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    Wanted Forest seed collectors

    We can supply nuxvomica, ashwagandha seeds..
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    For Sale Sagwan trees

    Let me know your location and rate. We are purchasing directly.
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    For Sale Available all varieties of Black Pepper and Cardamom at Wholesale rate

    Let me know price and quality. We require 500kgs.
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    For Sale A1 Quality Maize or Corns for sale 200 Tons

    Let me know rate and quality.
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    For Sale Inquiry about Gloriosa seed

    Let me know rate and quality. We purchasing bulk quantities.
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    For Sale Teak trees for sale

    Please let me know price we purchasing directly. Nine double eight five eight six nine five three five. Whatsap me
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    For Sale Gloriosa Seeds

    We require gloriosa superba seeds please let me know price and quantity.
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    Wanted Mukuna Black Seeds 1000 Kgs

    We can supply mucuna black seeds , please contact.
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    Wanted Looking for Bulk supply -Turmeric /Red Chili /Coriander/Black Pepper

    Contact us for said powders regular basis.
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    Wanted Aloevera farming with buy back agreement in Hyderabad, Telangana

    We can supply aloevera saplings. Interested members contact me .
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    Wanted Cotton Seed

    Cotton seeds for cultivation purpose or oil purpose..? Inform me.
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    Wanted Need terminalia chebula (ink-nut tree, tamil-kadukkai) saplings

    We can supply kadukkai on bulk quantity. Let me know how much quantity you need.
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    Wanted Bulk amount of ginger

    We can supply dry ginger.
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    Wanted Farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation cousunltancy under buy back

    We are in need of different types of herbal raw materials . This is for your kind information . Regards , JK herbals 9885869535 Ap QUOTE="aloeveraskpvt, post: 40487, member: 84619"]Default Wanted farmers for medicinal herbs cultivation consultancy under buyback Wanted farmers for medicinal...