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    Advertising Integrated farming of coconut plantations with banana inter crops

    TN, Kerala, Karnataka, coastal Andhra Contat: 9566057273 /
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    Advertising Integrated farming of coconut plantations with banana inter crops

    We can offer complete consultancy for integrated farming of Coconut Plantations with Banana inter crops. Those who have lands and willing to invest or those who can invest @ Rs.2,00,000/- per acre on leasehold land please contact. Only serious enquiry. Respond with complete contact details...
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    Wanted Agri land required near Chengalpet, Thindivanam

    If you are willing to invest in long term lease hold development please get in touch:
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    Wanted Land for Solar Project

    We are looking for 300 to 500 acre of land suitable for solar plant in Karnataka as our basic requirement is as follows- 1) 300 - 500 acre plain land anywhere in Karnataka 2) A substation 132kv or 220 kv must be around 5 km radius 3) Land must be clear title. 4) No Railway line between site &...
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    Question Questions related to Melia Dubia Plantation

    email: Mob: 9566057273
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    Question Cultivation of "Bird's Eye Chilli"/"Kanthari Mulaku"/ "Capsicum frutescences"

    You can go in for hi-tech farming wherein 4,000 Sft land can generate 1 acre equivalent of produce. The cost will be around 12 lac which is eligible for subsidy 50% and at subsided interest. A margin of Rs.2.5 lac is required to be invested by the Entrepreneur. Women entrepreneur more...
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    Please call me: 9566057273
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    Looking for Start up in Plantation in Uttar Pradesh

    We can offer complete consultancy & finance for Energy Plantations. Model plantation on 1 to 3 acres can be set up for due diligence and replication. If interested please write to me:
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    Need complete information on Tomato cultivation

    We can offer complete consultancy using Biochar based substrates under controlled conditions and good agricultural practices. You can contact Mr. Krushnun @ 9840028596
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    Can anyone help me with the export of cow dung? I want to export cow dung cakes

    Cow Dung can be briquetted and exported. If interested in consultancy, write to:
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    Question Questions related to Melia Dubia Plantation

    The espousing/plant density various with purpose. For biomass (Energy) requirement this can be cut in Year-3. In that case plant density can go upto 1,550 to 1,800/Acre. Yield/Acre on Year-3 will be upto 70 Ton depending on Agri practice. We can do complete Bankable DPR and land...
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    Wanted Wanted Distributors for Natural Frut Jams & Squashed

    Dear Mr. Suresh Samuel. We can supply Nutmeg Fruit Juice Concentrate in bulk packing. This can be converted into RTS drink, additives in Icecream, Milk Shake preparation, Taste enhancer in Hot Alcoholic Drinks. Nutmeg is a seasonal fruit and available after extracting Nut and Mace. The...
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    How to start a budgeted cow farm with 10 cow's

    15 cows with semi-auto is possible. Is it out of passion or for commercial. If commercial what is your background or how do you propose to manage it. What is the infra that you have for the project and the margin money.? write to me:
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    Businesses for self help group in Mumbai

    Can supply Nutmeg Fruit Concentrate in bulk. This can be diluted 5x and sold as ready to drink fruit juice. Interested?
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    Wanted We need Coconut water supplier..urgent

    Can offer Nutmeg Fruit Juice concentrate. This can be diluted 5x and served cold ready to drink. Concentrate can be used 2 tablespoon with hot drinks, which is proven to reduce drink drag.
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    Wanted We need Coconut water supplier..urgent

    Coconut Water Supply - Can be arranged from factory at Pollachi. Quantity required, purpose. Contact Divakar: 9566057273/
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    contractors involved in setting up poly farm in Kerala ?

    Please contact Mr. Vasudevan 9447521017. You can refer our name: Divakar/Acclaim Clean Energy, Chennai
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    How to start Neem Oil Extraction and Neem Soap business ?

    We can help you in Total Consultancy for Neem oil extraction using cold press.
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    NANO BIO MASS POWER PLANT for home/ business/small industries/farming/farm house/ etc

    Coconut fronds, etc as Biomass Dear Mr. Babu Parts of Coconut Tree can be used as biomass in briquetted form. There are machines to pulverise and briquette them. For any further details you can write to: [Please contact..
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    Electricity Generation from Rice Husk...

    Rice Husk quantity available per day is important to decide the route to produce electricity - Gasifier or Turbine. In Turbine route efficiency will have to be compromised but can be burnt directly. In Gasifier route it has to be briquetted. Since Ash content is high and Rice Husk has...