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    20 acre coconut farm for sale with thar road-100 km from bangalore- 8 lacks per acre

    Location Please let us know the details of land situation like place, taluk, district. Also, whether land can be sold partly say 10 acres. Suresh Heggade
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    27 acres agricultural land for sale

    Dear Sir, Please send me your contact number. Also, inform me groung water level in your farm. Suresh Heggade
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    10 Acre organic farm near Mysore – Coorg district border

    Dear Sir, Please send me your contact number.
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    For Sale 22.5 acres in Karnataka/raichur

    Dear Sir, Please quote rate per acre. Whether it is in single name? Also, I would like to know the present facilities in the land. Suresh Heggade
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    We buy and sell coffee estate in chikmagalur and coorg

    Looking for fertile farm land within the radius of 250Km from Bangalore. Pl contact me. Suresh Heggade
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    CEO cum Farm Manager Required

    We need an experienced and dynamic CEO cum Farm Manager to run a second largest growing hatchery in Kenya. The farm is situated within the radius of 25 Km from Nairobi. Presently the hatchery has the capacity of 200000 chicks per week and 100000 eggs per day. The farm has a modern feed mill...
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    Dorper Lambs at 80 Days ........

    Congrats Ravi Sir, You have done it. Thanks for keeping us updated and congrats for bringing this exotic breed to Karnataka first time. It would have been more informative if you included the weight as you did last time. Suresh Heggade
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    2 Months old Dorper lamb .

    It is very cute. Congrats Mr. Ravi, God bless you. Suresh Heggade Mumbai
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    Irrigated land required in and around Hiriyur, Karnataka

    Dear Members, I require irrigated land minimum 25 acres within the radius of 10 Km from Hiriyur, Karnataka with channel irrigation facility from Vanivilas dam. Please contact me with price quote. Suresh Heggade.
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    Farm land for sale (Near Hiriyur, 8Km from NH4)

    Quote Price Dear Sir, Please quote your price or give me your contact number. Suresh Heggade
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    200 acres of Agricultural land for Sale in Hiriyur, West Bangalore, Karnataka

    Agriculture Land for sale Dear Sir, Kindly send your phone number and arrange for a visit on Sunday. Suresh Heggade
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    Dorper lambs are here....

    Congrats Mr. Ravi, Congrats. Your efforts have yielded results now. I am back here (Bangalore) from Nairobi. I would like to visit your farm, kindly inform me your availability, time and date. With Best Wishes, Suresh Heggade
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    Bank Loan to buy land for Agricultural purpose

    No Bank loan for agriculture land buying Commercial Banks in India are not sanctioning loan for buying lands and they can finance for development of agriculture land. Therefore, you may approach any land development bank in your district and enquire whether they are providing any loan for...
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    Goat fodder wanted

    It is not a profitable business Dear Sir, Goat farming without your own green/dry fodder is not a profitable proposition. You should have your own land and cultivate the fodder for your requirements. You may contact Mr. Syed Mustafa Hussain Razvi of Shine Farms, Hydrabad for more information...
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    Whole corn silage for intensive rearing of sheep.

    Silage Making Dear Ravi Sir, I have been reading your writings on sheep rearing and related matters. I like your way of sharing knowledge among members, only few people can do like this. Your practical knowlege makes you stronger than people like me who read the subject only through books...
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    Whole corn silage for intensive rearing of sheep.

    Silage Making Thank you Mr. Ravi for your very good information on silage making. Considering the diminishing grazing land, lack of irrigated land to produce continuous green fodder round the year and to over come shortages of forages during summer times, making silage is very relevant and...
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    Import of Live Animals & germplasm into India

    Dorper Sheep Dear All, We should appreciate innovation and get maximum benefits out of it. This Dorper exotic breed has the following wonderful attributes which lacks in other breeds. 1) Maximum weight gain within a short period. Ewes can weigh 80 to 110 Kgs and rams 110-140 Kgs. 2)...
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    Import of Live Animals & germplasm into India

    Dorper Sheep Dear Mr. Ravi, Thanks. I appreciate your initiatives. I may approach you for buying Dorper sheeps when I come back to Bangalore. I am interested in livestock farming, particularly sheeps and goats. Suresh Heggade Nairobi
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    Import of Live Animals & germplasm into India

    Dorper Sheep Embryos and Semen Very useful information and I have been searching for the same. Thank you Mr. Ravi. Let us hope Ravi's initiative brings light in the economic well being of shepherds and those involved in livestock farming & business. The govt. should end this redtapism in...
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    Dorper Sheep Breeding in India

    `Dorper Sheep Dear Mr. Razvi, Thank you for your valuable information and I shall contact the people you have referred. Suresh Heggade Nairobi