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    Looking - Agri land in Kotagiri/Kothagiri

    Pl share details of any land you have for sale in Kotagiri. I am looking for small parcel 0.5-2 acres, depending on the price. Land should be - - Clear title (with no POA or intermediary issues) - Prefer land which is more or less table type - Fenced/surveyed land preferred -...
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    Agricultural land for sale in goa

    What is the price you are quoting and are you willing to sell in smaller parcels? Also share if the land has fencing, electricity, water etc.?
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    Benefits of green tea

    Pl clarify if green tea increases chances of kidney stones - the articles on the web do state that but not in a very conclusive manner. It seems drinking green tea increases risk of kidney stones due to increasing oxlate content
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    Farming commune in Goa

    There are so many requests for more info and there is no response from the thread initiator - I would also be keen for the lot if you are will to share wikimap link, landscape map, title details etc.
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    I wanna barter land

    What is the price you are expecting if sale is considered and how big is your land? Is it fenced, developed etc?
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    3- 5 acres Fertile Farm Land

    Pl share if you find any good land with direct road access in kanchi for the rates you are searching - I would also like to review.
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    3- 5 acres Fertile Farm Land

    Any idea what are the rates per acre going on in Sriperumbuder as of now? Is it only 3 lacs an acre? Members - Any inputs here as I am also looking at that district
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    I like to sell Emu Birds

    What does one do with these birds - are they used for their manure, meat?? Where are the markets in India who buy their produce?
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    Wal Mart Entering India

    While there may be issues with foreign players coming here - the advantages are much higher, some of them so basic that it is a travesty that we are unable to do it ourselves. - Foreign players are much more professional, disciplined in their approach to business, vendor managment...
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    Land Reforms in India

    Land regulations in India should not distinguish between types of land i.e. agricultura, residential, NA, industrial etc., it does not make much sense and helps the under hand dealings and buearocracy. Few of the pointers to be considered - of course there will be counter arguements & better...
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    Want To Buy Cheap Agricultural Lands in TamilNadu

    Try the following areas for the price of around 50-75K per acre. - Virudhnagar - Theni - Sivagangai - Tenkasi
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    Wanted: 10 Acres near Kanchipuram

    I am using the same thread so pl excuse. I am also looking for 2-3 acres in Kanchipuram - agri land with following - - Table top land - Clear approach road without any hinderances - Clear title and papers - Water & electricity facility required Pl revert with proposals and rates and...
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    Rottweiler Puppies for sale

    Rate? Location of pickup? Pedigree? Vet cert?
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    Looking for Agriculture land

    The rate per acre in these areas are much higher than what you quoted - especaially around Raigad - as I too am looking to buy
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    agriculture land for sale in kokan

    I own 2.65 acres in Tala (not river side), but large tar road frontage and having a nice gradient from bottom to top. Let me know if anyone keen. Land is less than 8 kms inside from NH17 Title is clean and no dealing with brokers or multiple farmers
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    For Sale Agriculture Farm House

    Could you provide the following info to understand this opportunity better - - What is the price of the land (per sft/ per acre etc) - Will the plot be fenced and govt survey done for the plot I am buying? - Is there any discount if full payment is made upfront? - Is the title clear and...
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    How to save land registration fee when purchase value is less than guideline value?

    The way government sees it - they should get the tax on the guildeline value and this also is correct. The market pricing is negotiable and there is a large cash component also across the states when deals are done. It is fair that one pays as per guideline value even if the rate is lower &...
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    90 gunthe land for sale on mumbai goa highway-lanja ratnagiri

    How much is the cost - pl advise? Also pl share if the land is clear title and boundaries marked/survey done etc.
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    92 gunthas mango farm land in konkan @29 lakhs

    Konkan is too big - where is this land in konkan, which district, which taluka etc., pl give details
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    Safest FENCING for ANIMALS (Livestock)

    A1fence: How much will the costing work out for around 450 metres to be fenced? Pl consider poles etc., that you need to erect the fence.