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    sugar factory sale in tamilnadu

    sugar factory for sale dear Sir, please give me some more specific information like capacity, land ,buildingsvacant space etc, i shall try to find a buyer best regards kgovindan
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    650 Acre land For sale in Krishnagiri Road

    land around krishnagiri dear sir, i am interested in buying abot 10 ares of land. pl.let me know the details of location etc. best regards kgovindan
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    650 Acre land For sale in Krishnagiri Road

    Dear Sir, I am interested to buy 10 acres. pl let me know when we can see the land bestregards
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    Bulk Lands all over Tamilnadu

    agricultural land in Dharmapuri district,tamilnadu Dear Sirs, I am interested in 10-15acre of land at Ra.1 lakh per acre in Dharmapuri district.PLease let me know details of location and when I can see the land best regards
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    Bulk Lands all over Tamilnadu

    land all over Tamilnadu Dear Sir, We are interested in 10- 20 acres of land around Karimangalam in Dharmapuri district. if you have please let us know the approximate price best regards kgovindan
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    want to find importers

    want to find importers of neem products. kgovindan Govindan Online dear sir, we have embassies/high commissions/consulates in most of the foreign countries. these offices can supply you list of importers of neem products if the concerned countries import the products. you may therefore send...
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    biogas bottling plant cng

    kgovindan Govindan Online dear sir, bottling biogas is a good idea. hope it is compressed before bottling. my son had done some studies about this a few years ago. it would cost more than the present cooking gas price. therefore you should apply to the ministry of non-conventional energy...
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    rice transplanter and reaper

    rice transplanter/reaper Dear ms.anna, please let me know the cif chennai, india price of the rice transplanter and reaper and the details about packing as well as technical details best regards kgovindan
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    Cheap agri lands

    cheap land K.Govindan karimangalam, dharmapuri dt.TN Please contact.. dear sir, i am interested in buying agricultural land in krishnagiri/dharmapuri district. please let me know where you own land and what is the price per acre best regards kgovindan
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    Planning to implement Drip irrigation to my land.

    planning to implement drip irrigation to my land m/s jain irrigation have representatives in every district. it is perhaps one of the leading companies in drip irrigation field. you can contact them in mysore. state government may also give 50% grant. best regards kgovindan Govindan Online...
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    Sandal Wood Plantation + DRIP IRRIGATION

    drip irrigation subsidy k.govindan Govindan Online dear sir, if you take the services of major drip irrigation companies like m/s jain irrigation, you can get subsidy of 50%. Many of the agents of jain irrigation accept only your part of the contribution and undertake the drip irrigation...
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    Funds and Maintenance Service for 1-20 MW Projects Available for Land Owners

    1mw power plant K.Govindan IFS(retd) karimangalam, dharmapuri dist (TN) TN cell.94436 14084 dear sirs, kindly give me the following information. we have over 20 acres of land i.approximate cost of 1(one) mw plant 2. approximate number of units the plant can...
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    LANDS lease in AFRICA

    land lease in africa K.Govindan IFS(retd) Please contact.... dear sir, the embassies of african countries in new delhi or indian embassies in african countries can provide you information required. you have to be clear first, in which country do you want to leave land, how much do you want...
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    Dear Sir, The Forest Departments supply teak saplings free of cost. they also pay you some amount for the initial expenses of planting. In Tamilnadu, Forest department supplies about 120 teap saplings peracre of land.(0.4 hectare of land). some states may supply more saplings also best regards...
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    moringa seed exporters

    moringa seeds moringa oil is said to be useful in preparation of cosmetics, shampoos, soaps etc. However, this has to be explained to the manufacturers of these products. Basic Chemicals export promotion council may have addresses of a few prospective importers of moringa oil. you may like to...
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    lemon sales

    i like to know where I can sell large quantity of lemon. i need this information, as I intend to plant lemon saplings. Is there a commission mandi in bangalore or coimbatore for lemon? thanks
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    Land in Dharmapuri Dist - Tamilnadu

    Land for sale in dharmapuri district Dear Sir, I am interested to buy land around Karimangalam in Dharmapuri district. please let me know if you have land there best regards kgovindan Govindan Online Please contact........
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    Water Melon Ready for Sale

    Water melon DEAR SIR, please let me know the location of the fruits and the cost per kg best regards kgovindan Please contact.........
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    Low Cost Drip Irrigation Solutions

    Dear Sir, we are interested in your low cost drip irrigation solutions. We have already installed Jain irrigation drip system on 5 acres. We have another 10 acres where we would like to try your system. Please quote the cost for 5 acres 20' X 20' spaced mango plants. If your cost is low, we...
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    Wanted Agri land in TN for 50k-75k per acre

    Dear Sir, we are from karimangalam in dharmapuri district and are interested in the land best regards kgovindan please contact.....