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    Fresh Agriculture Graduates required as Trainees

    M.Sc. biotechnology hello sir, i have completed M.Sc. biotechnology. and i am intersted to work with hydroponics farming. please give me your contact detail.
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    want to establish hi tech horticulture

    hello everyone, i want to start 0.5 acre hi tech horticutlure in my land, gujarat. for that i want to set up green house. and want to know about, which plant can grown in this green house? for that i require consultant imedietly. htank you...... all
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    Plant tissue culture

    Hello everyone, I want to start plant tissue culture in Gujarat. Can anyone help me? thanks all.......
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    plant tissue lab

    Please contact..
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    plant tissue lab

    hello...... I want to start my own plant tissue lab at small scale in vibrant gujarat. I have land and money for PTC lab. I have completed M. Sc. biotech. can anyone help me where I can get all information??? thanks all...